Whole Family Mentoring

I have had the pleasure of hearing Lorrie Richins speak on stage. Many have heard raving testimonials from people who have heard Lorrie’s amazing message. But what is her secret to family and mentoring success?

Lorrie told me the hardship she had to endure growing up and how it showed her the kind of life she did and did not want for her family. Lorrie came from a fractured background that left a lot of residual effects that she had to overcome. She is a mother of seven children. She recognized the steps needed for the next generation to have a better life. Many of you have suffered through similar challenges. You know the amount of desire and work necessary to make a transformation. Lorrie knew she had a lot of transforming to do with a major focus on healing herself to create a strong family.

When you grow up in a certain type of environment it becomes your reality and it is all you know. It takes time to figure out what needs shifting. Lorrie explains that changing parts of your reality could take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Some people may not realize the trauma they lived through and the patterns they are repeating. So, it was kind of a life journey for Lorrie and thankfully it paid off in big dividends. In the beginning it was an uphill battle that had to be conquered, but Lorrie was determined. After getting married, Lorrie decided to address the issues that she had to overcome. Also, she created new patterns to handle different situations. Lorrie realized that she had to live an exemplary life for her children. She wants them to use wisdom to choose a spouse so that they could be good solid parents for her grandchildren.

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