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Shannon D Hughes is a personal and business success coach. He was certified as a speaker by Icon Media Builder and also certified as a coach and speaker by the prestigious John Maxwell School. He has authored three books with one of them being a Best-seller entitled Movement Mastery: How to Find Your Motivation and Create Lasting Momentum. He is also a successful merchant processing rep and investor. He is a member of the Speakers Coalition and host of his Internet radio show The Movement which is currently on hiatus which will relaunch sometime in 2021, and can be found on the Spotify and iTunes. The show originally aired on April 11, 2018 after successfully winning a social media contest to have his own show. It was launched on Voice America which is one of the premier Internet radio platforms in the world.

Shannon had the honor of interviewing people such as Frank Shankwitz who is the former founder of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Sheldon Reynolds who was a member of 14 years of the Hall of Fame and legendary group Earth Wind and Fire. Kent Clothier who is considered one of the premier real estate moguls in the world. Shannon has gotten a chance to speak at networking conferences in Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. He was recently featured on Hearts Unleased podcast with Abigail Gazda which aired on September 27, 2019. He was also featured in Keynote Magazine which focuses on impactful people on the speaking circuit. You can go to Shannon’s website Shannon’s motto: Take advantage of your Membership.

Shannon D Hughes

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