Jackson Shembekar


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Jackson Shembekar is a senior student athlete currently attending Jesuit High School, Tampa, FL.

Jackson has spent numerous hours researching and studying up on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. Shembekar has invested in the cryptospace since he was 14 years old. Now at just 17, he holds positions just shy of ½ a million dollars. But he says if he himself had not made some mistakes he would be sitting at well above $5,000,000 in cryptocurrency. Jackson has appeared on The Consumer Quarterback Show hosted by Brandon Rimes. Shembekar will be a continual guest every month as a cryptocurrency expert!

Jackson is a pianist, violinist, President of Chamber Orchestra, President of SADD, President of the Chess Club and is a recipient of the St. Ignatius Gold Medal Award and was the MVP of the Week at the Steinbrenner Classic in 2020. Shembekar at 17 is already a private pilot and is baseball pitcher headed to the University of Tampa to play baseball.

He has 2 brothers and is the son of Dr. Anita Jain Shembekar, real estate investor/mogul in Tampa Bay.


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