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I have always been an eternal optimist. A gal that has always seen the glass as half full, even if at times I couldn’t believe it for myself.

When I turned 60, I woke up and suddenly realized if God blessed me with 30 more years — my life was two thirds over! I had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach knowing that all goals I had set out for myself; the weight that I so desperately wanted to lose, the healthy lifestyle I wanted for myself and all the ways I wanted to better organize my life — it had all alluded me in a big heap of unfulfilled promises. Some of these promises I made with myself were over 45 years old! Could I ever really change? And make it to the other side?

On that morning, I made the choice to dig deep inside my soul and realized I was completely out of excuses and I had no choice but to take the necessary steps to change my life forever. I enrolled in a personal development class where I learned to love myself, face the trauma of my past as well as forgive others but most importantly to forgive myself. This was the catalyst and the motivation which took me on an adventure of self-development and discovery. I took an online course in style and fashion; I hired a personal trainer and I traveled with my husband — I was committed to opening myself up to learning and improving myself every single day.

Once I started to see my life transform, naturally I wanted to share what I learned with as many people as possible, and so my speaking career began which then opened up the door for me to host a show on iHeart Radio as well as be the guest on numerous podcasts. I’m also the author of a book collaboration called Life Boosts. It has been so unbelievably rewarding to share my story and create a community of people where we are bonded together by the power of change!

As of today, I have lost a total of 125lbs! And I’m continuing my path to total health and wellness. I have an enormous passion to share what I have learned and my mission is to help others until my last breath. I want to inspire others that it is Never Too Late Ever!


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