Michael McGinnis, Jr.


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Michael S. McGinnis, Jr., author of The Essential Revolution series and recipient of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, has dedicated his life to the awakening of humanity on a global level. Through extensive self-study and first-hand experience, Mike has been gifted to serve as a channel for the words the world needs to hear at the most crucial moment in history. In his early twenties, after his first transformational experience wherein he discovered his pre-conceived limitations were formed through his own words of victimhood, this law-breaking high-school-dropout turned his life around and moved to Central America. He went on to succeed as an entrepreneur, big wave surfer, and champion race car driver while moonlighting as the unofficial sheriff of the small town he helped develop.

Still haunted by an unfulfilled void, Mike fell into a suicidal depression, leading him to his second transformative revelation that there was nothing that could make him happy and the fulfillment he was seeking was within. After two more profound awakenings, he fully surrendered to living in service and helping those who are ready to come to the same self-realization.

Currently, Mike is collaborating on a reforestation-backed crypto coin and the building of a conscious community, while readying himself to transmit book two of the series. He enjoys being in nature and loves animals as well as all life on earth.

“When you recreate another through your perception of them you recreate not only yourself, but all people of the world.”

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