Lorrie Richins


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Lorrie is a Personal and Family Empowerment Coach, Energy Healing Facilitator, Body Language Advisor, and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. She has spent a lifetime seeking understanding and wisdom regarding the purpose of pain and suffering in our lives. Having successfully overcome past physical and emotional trauma, Lorrie now empowers others to do the same.

Her business, Whole Family Mentoring, focuses on helping families heal and feel whole again. She shares positive family messages during the Family First segment each week on the Allison H. Larsen Spotlight radio show and is the up and coming author of the book Fortified: 10 Strategies to Strengthen Your Family While Building Your Business. Lorrie has also been featured in several online magazines.

She is not only an advocate of families, she is also passionate about preserving our individual freedoms and was recently a candidate for Idaho State Representative. Lorrie considers her marriage of 35 years and being the mother of 7 children her greatest joy and accomplishment.

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