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Fire Up Nation is a movement to ignite the human spirit and empower others to take action on the life they want to live in their heart. Its founders, Reed Dennis and Graclyn Glazier, have been leading by example since February 2020, when they resigned from successful careers to pursue their dream to travel the world. Despite the unprecedented circumstances that ensued the following month and years, they kept saying yes to adventure (their mantra) and continue to travel everywhere from Albania, Australia, Borneo, Costa Rica, Crete, Croatia, Vietnam, and more, Reed and Graclyn are on a mission to spread light and love in the world by sharing their journeys to self-fulfillment and helping others to harness and direct their incredible power within. You can connect with them in the online Fire Up Nation community at, follow them on IG @fireupnation and @bigadventureliving, and learn more about their big adventures and life perspectives at

Fire Up Nation originated from the spirit of saying yes – to adventure, to yourself, and to abundance. Through the people, places, and perspectives that they explore across the world, Reed and Graclyn acquire experiences and knowledge that reconnect them to better and higher versions of themselves and to the grander connection of the Universe. They share this knowledge and experience with the Fire Up Nation community in their media content and through educational programs like the From Waiting to Winning Masterclass.

Ultimately, Reed and Graclyn believe that our true source of beingness is Love, and as we liberate from our perceived limitations of what is possible for us and invigorate our spirit by taking action on an inspired vision living within us, then we elevate our life and the lives of those around us. And that’s what Fire Up Nation helps people to do – Liberate, Invigorate, and Elevate – and to always remember that they’re the ember. The life of their dreams is burning within. Fire up!


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