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Arline Warwick is an international speaker, an educator and author. She has taught adult education, special needs students and aquatic survival for infants. She has also been an entrepreneur much of her life having founded several successful businesses.

A few years ago Arline stumbled across a situation (while she was volunteering for an animal rescue group) which made her realize she had to take charge and expand her efforts if she was going to fulfill her mission of caring for animals and the environment.

This incident motivated her to create “Find Corporate Sponsors”, a company that helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits find hefty sums of money to build their organizations. She teaches people how to partner with large corporations so they can work with them and get paid handsomely to do so. After learning from her own experiences and years of research, Arline now guides businesses through a system that reveals the easiest approach to finding the best partnerships for their individualized needs.

Arline has authored numerous articles and is a co-author of Businesses Boosts Volume 1 and Business Boosts Volume 2, a compilation book, with two of the New York Times Best Selling authors, Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget.

Arline has a BA from the University of Florida. She lives in Daytona Beach with her husband on their natural Florida animal reserve. She has a lovely daughter and brilliant granddaughter that brighten her life.


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