Janine Brolly


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Janine Brolly (BPE, AT, RPT) works with modern, successful women worldwide who feel burnt out, unfulfilled and that ‘something’ is missing – in spite of their success.

Through her own personal journey and working with thousands of women for over 30 years, Janine believes it’s an epidemic how so many successful women are ‘just living’, trudging through the days and the endless lists of responsibilities and never feeling truly fulfilled. They hold back from living richer lives they know they are meant for.

Janine has built a seven-figure business and helps women awaken their burning desire in business or personal life, so they can create the wealthiest life possible and live their highest calling. She is known for her intuitive ability to see and unveil blind spots in others.

She is an International Speaker, Author, Health Professional, Founder of High Powered Living, the Burning Desire Day, and the Inspire Women’s Business Network.


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