AJ Puedan is world renowned as a speaker and business coach. He has earned the respect of his peers in the success coaching industry. By the power of personal leadership AJ facilitates the growth of his client’s businesses. For over 30 years AJ has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

He has used hypnosis to help clients achieve more than they thought possible. Through the model of a warrior, AJ takes his clients through a five-day journey. This journey experientially teaches them the ten warrior traits. The ten warrior traits give his clients the opportunity to have an on-purpose life.

As a sought-after speaker, AJ dazzled the audience at the Harvard Business School. His unique speaking style blends entertainment with experiential learning. AJ has authored many books. One of those books is an international best seller. It is entitled, Training for Coaches: Get What You Need NOW – A Solid Coaching Foundation.

Today, AJ Puedan is the president of the Success Coach Academy. The organization leads the coaching industry. The Success Coach Academy certifies success coaches, hypnotists and speakers.

AJ first got into hypnosis to transform his own life. When he experienced the impact of hypnosis, he started to share his knowledge to help others. He recognized the universal feeling of wanting to become more. Hypnosis became the vehicle to do just that.

“People tend to get in their own way so hypnosis is giving you the chance to choose your thought and direct it towards something that would serve you better. I have used this method to help people overcome their greatest fears. One example I can give you is a woman confined to a wheelchair. This was derived from her belief that she did not deserve to live.

“She had no physical disability nor any genetic ailments that prevented her from walking – just her firm belief that she did not deserve to live. I was able to course correct with her and guide her thoughts more towards her worthiness to be alive and how valuable she is in this world. Our body will move in the direction of our most dominating thought. If we can direct that dominating thought towards positivity and embodying that belief, then you will see an instant shift in your life.”

AJ went on to compare this woman’s thought process to other entrepreneurs in the world. A poor self-image and feelings of unworthiness will sabotage the attainment of goals.

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AJ Puedan

Founder of Power House Live Events

For over 30 years AJ has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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