Your Connections Determine How Much Money You Make

You are driven but just do not know where to turn.  You know you can do it.  You will succeed but you do not know what steps to take.  You have tried everything, but nothing seems to get you to a higher level.  I can relate to that feeling.

I was in my kitchen when the phone rang.  It was my niece, Kimberly.  She said, “Arline, I do not know what to do.  You have got to get here right away!”  I could hear the distress in her voice.  We rescue feral cats and she found a group of cats at an old fish camp.  I rushed down to meet her and when I stepped out of my car I was horrified.  I stepped into a sea of cats.  There were little kittens with feather weight bodies.  They had heads as big and round and dense as golf balls.  They could barely hold their heads up because they were so malnourished.  I started picking them up and putting them into my pockets.  I did not know what else to do.  That was the changing point.  It was like someone slapped me in the face and showed me reality.  Right then I knew I could make a difference.  I had to do it immediately.  My non-profit did not have the time, energy, manpower, or money to take care of that many cats.  That moment changed everything for me.  I was driven! 

It took years of research and trial and error learning to perfect the solution.  That was the genesis of the Find Corporate Sponsors System.  Then I simplified it so I could help others.  Do you struggle to get a corporation to sponsor you?  The money is there, but you cannot find it because you do not know where to look.  Corporations are giving away over $60 billion to businesses and non-profits annually.  Few know it is available.  Why would a big company want to sponsor you, your business, or your organization?  You might think you are not well-known, or you do not know what you have to offer.  Do not belittle yourself.  Corporations need you.  They need you so they can get in front of a new audience and attract new customers.  They need you to make direct connections with your target audience, grow their customer base to drive sales, and the list goes on and on.  With the right tools and strategies, you will become an asset to them.  

You are never too small or too new and you do not have to be a non-profit to get a corporate sponsor.  Do not think you are unworthy of a corporate sponsor because you are worthy.  Who can get a corporate sponsor?  Almost anyone if they want one badly enough.  Do you want 1,000, 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 dollars in sponsorship money?  Well, it is possible!  Stop thinking you are not deserving.  Act now!  You are here to accomplish incredibly important things.  How soon will you take the first step?  You know you can do this.  How quickly are you going to make it happen?

Your connections determine how much money you make.  It is time for you to connect.  Small businesses and entrepreneurs can be a tipping point for corporations.  Competition is tough.  Small businesses play an important part for corporations by giving them exposure.  Show these companies how you can help.  You can create more customer loyalty for them, reinforce their image, and make people aware of their new products and services.  Also, you can show your audience that corporations have a social responsibility known as “cause related marketing.”

You might have the best business or greatest cause but if it is communicated poorly or not positioned well it will not spike a potential sponsor’s interest.  To motivate people, you need a professionally written and eye-catching proposal.  You should have a strategy, a plan of action designed to achieve a goal.  That plan should show you how to motivate a sponsor to choose you to partner with.  Your words must be carefully crafted otherwise corporations will find it as a waste of their time and energy.

Remember, it is all about the company with which you want to partner.  Think about what you can do for them.  Let them know how you can give them more exposure to bring in more customers.

Communities are looking for leaders to emerge.  Take this chance to become a strong leader.  You, along with your sponsors can become COMMUNITY HEROES as you work up a plan to “Do Good” in your neighborhood.  Many local businesses have corporate headquarters.  When starting out at the local level you will build a relationship with these corporations.  This is the perfect segue for you to become known at the national or even international level.

Increase your out-reach.  Get on radio talk shows, engage in social media, attend speaking events, and write articles for the newspaper.  Do everything you can to make yourself more visible.  When you have more exposure, you can give more exposure to those you are partnering with.

Impress them with statistics.  Statistics are “king.”  They are meaningful.  

For instance, if your market is pet owners, be aware that pet owners spend more than $69 billion a year and that 68% of households own pets.  According to Mashable, “90% of Americans are more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference.  Studies show that 88% of consumers would buy a product with a social or environmental benefit and a surprising 84% would tell friends and family about a company’s corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Be bold and ask for what you want.  You are providing value to the company.  You are helping the company market itself.  You will not get what you want unless you ask for it.  Corporations do not waste their time on “the little stuff.”  They want to be seen in a big way.  They want notoriety.  You are helping a corporation advertise and market itself.  Primetime advertising is awfully expensive.  It costs tens of thousands of dollars to advertise on TV and radio.  Realize you are worthy.  You are more valuable than you think.  

The great thing about partnering with a corporation is you can get as many sponsors as you want.  There is no limit.  You can build a relationship with your sponsors so that they will sponsor you year after year. 

With the Find Corporate Sponsors System you become clear on what you are doing.  You will find that every action you take gives you more and more satisfaction because you see how much you are truly capable of doing and becoming.  Once you have a plan with the tools to implement it, you will realize that the sky is the limit.  So, whatever your business you can get corporate sponsors.  Do not be sidelined by the fact that you do not have enough experience.  Get to work seeking a partnership.  You are sponsorship worthy!

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Arline Warwick


Arline Warwick is an international speaker, an educator and author. She has taught adult education, special needs students and aquatic survival for infants. She has also been an entrepreneur much of her life having founded several successful businesses.

A few years ago Arline stumbled across a situation (while she was volunteering for an animal rescue group) which made her realize she had to take charge and expand her efforts if she was going to fulfill her mission of caring for animals and the environment.

This incident motivated her to create “Find Corporate Sponsors”, a company that helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits find hefty sums of money to build their organizations. She teaches people how to partner with large corporations so they can work with them and get paid handsomely to do so. After learning from her own experiences and years of research, Arline now guides businesses through a system that reveals the easiest approach to finding the best partnerships for their individualized needs.

Arline has authored numerous articles and is a co-author of Businesses Boosts Volume 1 and Business Boosts Volume 2, a compilation book, with two of the New York Times Best Selling authors, Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget.

Arline has a BA from the University of Florida. She lives in Daytona Beach with her husband on their natural Florida animal reserve. She has a lovely daughter and brilliant granddaughter that brighten her life.

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