Toward the White Light: A Journey to Healing Our Heart Wounds in Supported Community

I think it was the white nail polish that caught my eye first. Followed closely by the silk and lace white shimmering camisole top. A sign that reads “Love” in cursive placed perfectly behind her soft smile. Before me sits Bella Maree Lane – certified Learning Love Therapist and Heart Wound Healer. A breath of fresh air washed over me as we connected in gaze first, followed by each bringing our hands to our heart center, respective smiles, and then, finally came the words. 
An Australian accent came out of this dainty wise gem sitting before me, which made my heart smile even wider. She tells me she’s currently in Newport Beach, California where she is honored to share space with her beautiful white fluffy feline companion, Tristan and the Buddha energy that protects them both in the artistic and spiritual dimensions. 

[blur]So do tell me Beauty Bella (a nickname that rolls off my tongue quite naturally), do tell me what exactly a “Learning Love Therapist” is. She begins to explain that she is only one of about twenty practitioners in the world to receive a renowned certification from Harvard psychiatrist (insert name here) who founded the Learning Love Institute. Although Bella is also trained in tantra, reiki, and spiritual life coaching, has an additional certification in Hypnotherapy, and has completed the Virtual Coach Accelerator program, she has been with the Learning Love Institute for thirteen years and has a special place for this work because it is the deepest dive. My eyes widen. I love going deep.

We talk about trust, mistrust, distrust, communication, emotional safety, emotional freedom, relationships, trauma, and everything in between. We really hear and feel each other, and this begins to feel more like a return home than an interview for a talent magazine. As we continue connecting, she realizes that within my fascination and reverence for her work, there should be a small disclaimer. She takes a deep breath and calls me by my full first name. You know Jennifer,

“Not everybody wants to do a deep dive and that’s perfectly OK.”

I ask her a few more questions to get a glimpse into the various modalities she offers. “

“The first thing I do is listen to someone’s story as much as they’re willing to share with me – what’s top of mind in terms of being bothersome. It’s really about the relating that’s happening between the essence and the wound. We need to identify the compensations that we’ve learned to protect us from the pain because that’s what we’re still doing now. A person’s capacity for insight determines their level of ability to change. Without personal insight there’s not much room for change.”

Bella Maree goes on to explain that she has a pretty extensive intake which helps her determine together with her client’s what type of journey they will go on together. In the various modalities used to access “Emotional Freedom” there are individual and small group courses currently offered online and taking place over several weeks. She likes to work in small groups, she elaborates, because community is such a critical aspect to the process of shedding to reveal and shine our light for others.

“I have a particular love for women, and I also have a deep respect for the masculine. I enjoy evoking balance to amplify bliss both in the realm of masculine / feminine and of shadow / light.”

This requires going back through various layers but can start with small steps in group workshops. Whereas the Learning Love journey is a deeper emotional dive and really aims to tap into and uncover all the layers and layers of predictive patterns we’ve established to protect ourselves from the abuse of mistrusting another. This frequently shows up in clients who have had a lot of trauma – particularly sexual abuse.

Lane does not hold back in telling me her stories of repeated sexual trauma and the ways they both negatively impacted her and forced her to do the inner work that has revealed the gifts she’s sharing in the community today. In her tender formative and adolescent years, Bella was exposed to what I am referring to as “near death experiences of the heart.” These are moments that could really break someone and really set them down a dangerous path. Lane didn’t let this happen. Even through repeated lessons learned well into middle age, her heart was guided by the white light of dharma – which for her is to really show people that healing is possible and that we create our reality from the resources we have within.

“Through it all, life is a journey of optimism, healing, believing that the world is so filled with magic and promise.”

Some of this magic must be in the little things because I feel it in her presence. The sage, palo santo, candles, furniture and decorative textures, as well as the art and plants all contribute to a non-chaotic environment. I can literally feel the peace and non-judgement oozing off her gloriously. At least in these moments with me, she emulates purity.

Purity is a practice though. One she tells me is also lined with crystals, tarot, new moon ceremonies, soothing baths, organic oils, satiating music and other luxurious self-care regimens. It is a clean lifestyle to match the clean aesthetic and serves a great purpose to her – as a reminder of her spiritual practice and what is most high in her values.

“Whatever gets my heart into the resonance to be the highest I can be in the world is kind of my jam! My home feels like a reflection of what I have on the inside.”

Boy, is the world lucky that she loves to teach. With a whiteboard squarely placed in her living room, she has spent over a decade releasing the damage that sat on top of her own heart so that she can now access the gifts that have always been a part of her essence. Now having overcome how shy and insecure she once was, noticing that she was not ok in certain areas of relating, she is a well-spring of wisdom and a quintessential mirror of wholeness.

If you are tired of feeling frozen, shut down, protective, or triggered, Bella is here to answer your call. She understands how rapidly everything can get brought up and how arduous it can be to unpack these things alone. She has been there, when the antennas were so sensitive that her essence collapsed on itself. The greatest gift is in her presence, which I was so honored to receive. Because she knows exactly how to sit with you and just hold space in that place. She is uniquely equipped to journey with you at your pace, to heal the wounds and blaze forward toward your white light, because the world needs your gifts and your divine relation.[/blur]

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Bella Maree Lane

Speaker, Relationship Intimacy Expert

Bella Maree Lane is best known for being a speaker, thought leader, and relationship intimacy expert. Over the past 2 decades, Bella has traveled the globe exploring her passion for spiritual & personal development. Her healing quest led her to many exotic, and some not so exotic locations. She spent many months in Indian ashrams studying meditation, primal painting, family constellation & tantra. Her unique skills offer her clients support in the areas of emotional freedom, relationship healing, and conscious intimacy.

People come to heal their heart wounds both past and present. Non-judgment of self and others for ultimate peace and pristine self-love is her philosophy. Bella has studied the Yoga of Intimacy with world-class mentors such as David Deida, Margot Anand, John Wineland & Justin Patrick Pierce. She is an Australian-born Heart Wound Healer now residing in Southern California. She traveled extensively through Europe & the USA training with the Learning Love & Chandra Bindu Institutes to become one of their certified teachers. Today she is predominantly plant-based and has a little white furball named Tristan who stole her heart.

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