From Being Caged To Chasing Courage

“I see myself as a bridge between the internal world that we live in and the external world that we create on the outside.”

I’m speaking to Celinne Da Costa about the various ways she extends her captivating expertise in helping leaders, executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs by shedding their disempowering self-beliefs and showing up to the world with a powerful story that will inspire and transform people – starting with themselves. Clients usually seek Da Costa’s help when they feel they have hit a wall in their journey and require a subtle nudge to step into their truth.

“If you’re still feeling like you’re not enjoying or finding fulfillment in your life, then that to me is a disconnect and my work is to bridge that disconnect and bring you back to alignment,” Da Costa says.

Da Costa first came into notability when she conducted a social experiment in 2016, where she spent a year circling the globe couch-surfing using the connections she made along the way as her sole compass.

“I gave myself a challenge that I would travel by staying in the homes of people I was connected to through friends or people I met on the road,” she says.

By documenting the entire journey, Da Costa kick-started her brand and earned a spot as a Forbes contributor with an article called “Why I Quit My Job To Couch Surf The World”.

Today, Da Costa’s work involves extracting the insecurities of successful business owners and those that “go into the world with a message or a brand trying to share a certain aspect of themselves that they think people need to hear”. She works with clients who exhibit feelings of nonfulfillment, comparison, and even imposter syndrome, that debilitate the health of their conscious minds.

While reaping immense satisfaction watching clients hit their goals that range from publishing books, getting featured on Forbes, and creating programs that inspire hundreds of thousands of people, Da Costa makes space away from her successes to address and solve any external and internal disarray.

She brings in a progressive touch to her work by incorporating a plethora of concepts that involve psychology, neuroscience, and the powerful effects that story-telling has on the brain.

“I blend different fields that would normally stand on their own. I have a platter and I blend different techniques,” she says.

With a background in branding and marketing, business strategy, neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming, human psychology, creative writing, and energy healing, Da Costa remains on top of her field as an innovative powerhouse. In addition, she is a certified hypnotherapist, a master neurolinguistics programming practitioner, and a breathwork practitioner. “I’m a practitioner in these different modalities, that deal with the subconscious mind… I’m able to blend it all together into the work that I do.”

She believes her life’s purpose is to awaken people to the incredible truth of who they are and “to wake people up to their own magic, what makes them so unique and magical with a gift to give to the world,” Da Costa says, “and not only awaken them but how to transfer that to who they are on the outside so they are also generating the physical abundance they want in their lives.”

An avid reader, Da Costa accredits Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”, “Becoming Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza, and Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” as a few of her favorite books that have considerably encouraged her philosophy. The texts explore concepts regarding free will, the science behind altering the inner world to change the external world, and how one’s creation should highlight a bigger purpose. “I am always studying. I never put, knowledge down,” Da Costa says.

Some of Da Costa’s biggest influences are authors like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, and Brené Brown. According to one client, Da Costa’s work is comparable to the respective trinity, including YouTube vlogger Peter McKinnon.

Da Costa’s unwavering thirst to hone her craft extends into her day-to-day routines. As a coach, she is vigilant in maintaining her own balance by working closely with mentors like business leadership coaches, spiritual teachers, breathwork trainers, and energy healers, who help her “release and break free of old conditioning that has kept me small,” Da Costa says.

Her responsible self-care amid running a business around transforming lives made me curious about what Da Costa considers her biggest accomplishment.

“If you had asked me this a year and a half ago, I would’ve said that my biggest achievement is building a well-known, successful, financially profitable business that helps people, and getting invited to a Ted X Talk, being a Forbes columnist, and having my work featured in a lot of podcasts… basically I would’ve said it was making good money doing what I love and getting known for it.”

She defines success much differently today.

“I believe that my biggest achievement is becoming aware that the hamster wheel of constantly chasing achievements, like how much money I’m making, how many people are following me, is not a metric of my work. In an addition to this awareness, is a commitment to creating a life that is truly a full expression of who I am,” Da Costa says. “I now understand that the most fulfilling way to live a life and run a business is to be in alignment with your purpose every day.”

Da Costa says that she is more proud of the person she has become and the ways she continuously commits to having a peaceful inner world. “Everything outside of me is just a bonus,” she says.

With future projects in the works, Da Costa is most excited about teaching people how to regulate their emotions, nervous systems, and how to tap into their intuition; which she calls their higher self. She aims to dive deeper with her work by helping people understand who they are, what holds them back subconsciously, and “ways to push through so they can self-actualize in their business.”

Da Costa encourages those who are ready to tap into the truth of who they are, to consider joining her programs which offer different tiers for different price points. She offers a self-study course on how to learn to tell your brand story, a group coaching program, as well as a private coaching program, where she walks you through the process personally.

“The most important story that you will ever tell is the story you tell yourself about yourself,” Da Costa says. She believes that by doing the work people can understand their internal world, the story they are telling themselves, and what parts of the story are disempowering them.

“Pay attention to the story that your ego is telling you about who you are, clean it up, and from that place, show up and share your story with the world. You will generate even more impact than you could have ever imagined.”

To keep up with Da Costa’s world, sign up for her newsletter for special offers through and join The Courage Collective group on Facebook. Follow her on Instagram @celinnedacosta for everyday tips and daily doses of encouragement.

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Celinne Da Costa

Author, Speaker, Coach

Celinne Da Costa is an author, speaker, Story Alchemist, and Self-Actualization coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives. She helps her clients become confident and fully expressed leaders with transformational stories, influential brands, and a tribe of raving fans.

Since leaving corporate America in 2015, Celinne has visited 60+ countries, worked with clients from 30+ nationalities, and interviewed hundreds of people around the world about their story. She has thousands of hours of practitioner training in a variety of techniques including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Coaching. She uses her variety of tools to create customized breakthroughs for her clients.

Her work has been featured in top-tier international publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. She has also delivered a TEDx speech on the power of human connection.

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