Event Marketing: Does it make Sense and make Dollars?

We have many ways to advertise and market our business and it’s important to know the costs and value of each type of marketing.  There are many that include print, radio, social, relational, email, internet and event marketing.  One area we have focused is event marketing.  The cost per exposure can be very low and benefit of being front and center to a potential client and have a live conversation can create an excellent selling and exposure opportunity

There are some questions that you need to ask when looking at events to determine if you should participate.

  1. What is the reason for the event?
  2. Is this the first time this event has been produced?
  3. What is the cost and what does that cost include (space, table, chairs, table cloths, signage, advertising, hospitality, opportunity to speak to audience, opportunity to get database of attendees, opportunity for sponsorships or increased visibility, exposure before or after the event on social media or email campaigns…. )
  4. What is the time commitment for the event?
  5. How many attendees are expected?
  6. What is the demographic of the attendees expected?
  7. How is the event being advertised?
  8. Is the event indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what are any weather plans?
  9. Can you include your items in a goody bag or raffle for increased exposure?
  10. Where is event located and how best to load/unload your products?
  11. How many other vendors and who are they?

A good planner will answer many of these questions in the initial offer for vendor spaces or in the vendor package so always read all the information available to you before sending this list of questions or picking up the phone.   An informed vendor is a usually a happy vendor so be sure to get this information so you are participating in the events that make sense for you.  Remember it must make sense to make dollars!

Once you decide to participate in an event, the way you participate is also critical.  We teach an entire course on maximizing your vendor opportunities but some key points are…

  1. A visually appealing display.
  2. Clear information for the attendees passing your display.
  3. An engaging offer, activity or sample at your table to get the passerby to stop.
  4. A way of “ethically bribing” the attendees to give you their information for follow up.
  5. The ability to sell your product, service or special either onsite or online.
  6. A pleasant and engaging personality with everyone that comes to your table.
  7. A reason for the attendee to do business with you or want to follow up.
  8. A plan for following up with an email campaign, card or phone call.

The fortune is truly in the follow up, so number 8 is critical.  We have 3 follow up practices that we use following vendor events that when put into practice make the money and time invested in vendor opportunities make sense AND make dollars.

To see the full edition, go to this link:

Dannella Burnett

Owner of Encore Elite

Dannella’s company, Encore Elite, work on 10-15 National Level Events every year – sometimes producing the entire event “Brainstorming to the Bank” or for some larger events we may be part of a larger event team and focus on Speakers, Sponsors, Logistics, Back of Room Sales etc…

Right now, they have supported 6 clients in taking their events virtual and planning a 3 day Virtual Experience July 16th-18th, 2020 with an additional 4 clients planning fall events. Encore Elite will also be hosting their 3rd Annual Lanier Lantern Festival – an event that raises money for Dannella’s non-project PROJECT RePURSE and other community organizations.

Some of the largest events include Simon Properties Mall of GA July 4th with 150-175K participants and we bring in the outside food trucks, vendors and alcohol services etc…Getting things done with a staff of 5 and a long list of volunteers they help support Seminars, Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events.

If you want to learn how you can hire Dannella and get results for you next event then visit www.encoreeliteevents.com

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