Don’t Quit your Day Job (Too Soon)

The Direct Sales Industry or MLM Companies can be an awesome way to create wealth, generate a multiple stream of income or simply earned a few hundred extra dollars per month and enjoy a quality product line at a wholesale price as a distributor.  There are many mistakes that people can make though in starting up a DS company and many ways to improve your mindset and activities to have greater success. 

[blur]One mistake that I’ve seen many make is seeking a DS company with the immediate goal of replacing their current job.  I do think that replacing a job you dislike or that limits your freedom of time or expression is a good goal to have but I’ve seen many make that leap too soon.

When you first start with a DS company you usually have two objectives – build a base of retail customers and build a team of like-minded individuals to also build a base of retail customers.  Both are important in most DS companies in order to success and generate income.  While a goal might be to quit the day job, I’ve seen many get their initial success by sharing their new products with their coworkers and new people they may meet through that job.  Quitting the day job too early can actually hurt your progress towards your ultimate goals by reducing the number of people that you can expose to your product, service or opportunity![/blur]

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Dannella Burnett

Owner of Encore Elite

Dannella’s company, Encore Elite, work on 10-15 National Level Events every year – sometimes producing the entire event “Brainstorming to the Bank” or for some larger events we may be part of a larger event team and focus on Speakers, Sponsors, Logistics, Back of Room Sales etc…

Right now, they have supported 6 clients in taking their events virtual and planning a 3 day Virtual Experience July 16th-18th, 2020 with an additional 4 clients planning fall events. Encore Elite will also be hosting their 3rd Annual Lanier Lantern Festival – an event that raises money for Dannella’s non-project PROJECT RePURSE and other community organizations.

Some of the largest events include Simon Properties Mall of GA July 4th with 150-175K participants and we bring in the outside food trucks, vendors and alcohol services etc…Getting things done with a staff of 5 and a long list of volunteers they help support Seminars, Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events.

If you want to learn how you can hire Dannella and get results for you next event then visit

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