Why the People you think will Say Yes Say No

If you have ever tried a Direct Sales or MLM company, you know that moment when you tried the product, used the service or saw the opportunity and said YES!  Then you immediately thought of the folks you know that you were so excited to share with and just KNEW that they would all say YES immediately…  but then, they said No, and in some cases it was NO and NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Why does that happen?  How come they don’t see the incredible opportunity that you see?  How come they aren’t as excited as you are to try this product that will bring them (better health, weight loss, beautiful skin, the right accessory, more fun….  Insert the main benefit of your product)?  Why are they your first recruits and your first customers?

You’ve probably read that sales is largely a result of the right mindset.  That is the truth.  Your right mindset AND your customer or prospects right mindset.  The truth is our closest friends and family have a mindset about us that goes back for some time.  They’ve often seen us at our worst, our must immature, our least businesslike and our least leadership acting.  They have a preconceived notion of us that may need to be RESET before they are willing to invest in US.  Yes you are sharing a product or company, but truly you are asking them to invest in YOU first.  And they may need to see you in action before their hope that you do well translates to opening their wallet to see you do well and play a part.

So does this mean you should skip the family and friends?  I don’t think so.  I think that sharing your product or opportunity with friends and family can be a great way to practice your sales presentation or a great place to sample your products and get feedback.  But to keep in mind that whether they say yes or no won’t be the deciding factor on your success in the Direct Sales Industry.  Even if they ALL say yes, you will be sharing with new people that you meet or seek out and your net worth will be determined by your network beyond family and friends.

Once your family and friends see that you have some success and their MINDSET about you changes, they see you as the successful business person you are becoming or as the rest of the world sees you, or as YOU see you, many friends and family members may take a second look at information you may have long ago shared the first time.   Bottom line, when you have a dream or believe in a product – GO FOR IT!  Share with all, accept that sometimes their yes or no won’t determine your future and keep on growing and sharing.

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Dannella Burnett

Owner of Encore Elite

Dannella’s company, Encore Elite, work on 10-15 National Level Events every year – sometimes producing the entire event “Brainstorming to the Bank” or for some larger events we may be part of a larger event team and focus on Speakers, Sponsors, Logistics, Back of Room Sales etc…

Right now, they have supported 6 clients in taking their events virtual and planning a 3 day Virtual Experience July 16th-18th, 2020 with an additional 4 clients planning fall events. Encore Elite will also be hosting their 3rd Annual Lanier Lantern Festival – an event that raises money for Dannella’s non-project PROJECT RePURSE and other community organizations.

Some of the largest events include Simon Properties Mall of GA July 4th with 150-175K participants and we bring in the outside food trucks, vendors and alcohol services etc…Getting things done with a staff of 5 and a long list of volunteers they help support Seminars, Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events.

If you want to learn how you can hire Dannella and get results for you next event then visit www.encoreeliteevents.com

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