The Best Bad Things I Have Ever Done

The bad things I have done is a long list.  I have written some crappy books, hired some seriously unqualified people and put up some embarrassing websites for myself.  This is embarrassing, so I hope you don’t expect me to keep going.
I can’t seem to recall old books, delete all the bad photos and terrible videos from my past fast enough!
Bottom Line…sometimes good has to be good enough. 
My first couple of books are nowhere near as good as my last couple of books.  My videos, pictures, testimonials and websites in the last couple of years are night and day compared to what I was doing in 2010!
So why did I put out such inferior marketing materials?  Simply stated, it was the best I could do with what I had to work with.  I just failed forward.  You have to know when good is good enough.  You have to know that Rome was not built in a day.

  • Do the best website you can
  • Hire the best help you can
  • Put out the best book you can
  • And so on…

Know the scale of success and just do the best you can.  Almost always…

  • A 200-page book is better than a 100-page book
  • A physical book is better than an eBook
  • A book in a store is better than a book on Amazon
  • Hard back books are better than paperback
  • An Amazon “best seller” is better than not having a “best seller”
  • A NY Times “best seller” is better than an Amazon “best seller”

Get the idea?

Almost always…

  • Video is better than audio
  • An internet TV show is better than just random videos
  • A cable TV show is better than an internet show
  • Video-On-Demand like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon is better than YouTube
  • A major national network show (A&E, TLC, Discovery, Bravo, OWN) is better than local cable
  • A TV show on one of the Top 4 networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) is better than anything else (even Tony Robbins’ “Breakthrough” show did make it on these networks)

I think you get it now.  Whether it’s hiring people, advertising, speaking to audiences or anything else you just have to do the best you can with whatever you have to work with.  As you make more money you can and should reinvest it in better people, higher quality marketing materials, and strive for bigger more qualified audiences.

The “best bad things” I did was writing a below average book to start, put up sites that were less than impressive, speak to empty rooms, and hire people that met the minimum test of “fogging a mirror”.

Don’t be a perfectionist.  Many times, in the beginning good has to be good enough.  Cure yourself of analysis paralysis.

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David T. Fagan

The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

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