My Amazon Bestseller Checklist

You probably saw that we had yet another successful Amazon Best Seller campaign and this time it was for my own book Word Genius: What to Say and How to Say It was actually a best seller in 6 categories!

  1. Small Business
  2. Selling and Sales
  3. Starting a Business
  4. Consumer Behavior
  5. Rhetoric
  6. New Business Enterprises
On one hand this isn’t easy. On the other hand once you know what you’re doing the odds drastically move in your favor. First, here’s the pre-checklist checklist:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Look for the “Create a Title” box
  4. Click on +Add Kindle ebook
  5. Fill out the sections choosing your keywords, categories and commission splits
  6. Upload your manuscript
  7. Upload your front book cover
  8. Wait for the book to show up on Amazon. It could take minutes to a couple hours or even a day
  9. Copy the link to where your book is at on the amazon site
  10. Share the link in your emails, social media posts, text messages and referral friends on the day of your launch
  11. Monitor Your Progress in Kindle “Reports”

Don’t worry! I’m giving you even more but if the pre-checklist seems sort of obvious trust me it’s not. People get tripped up all the time on where to upload the book and what the steps are. (Amazon has Seller Central, Author Central and Kindle to name just a few portals. There are even important steps in setting up your Amazon accounts like Author Central or Kindle but more on that later.)

All the steps above can have other steps plus explanations but the crucial steps that involve strategy are steps 5 and 10. Knowing keywords, categories and promotional planning are paramount! Here is another Best Seller checklist based around one of my strategies.

  1. Only release the eBook on Kindle at first so you are not splitting your sales among paperback, hardback and eBook purchases. Each one of these is it’s own product with it’s own ISBN#.
  2. Set the eBook at $9 but sell it for .99 on launch day.
  3. Have an event or book launch party with as many people in attendance as you can.
  4. Speak on the book to create value to everyone in attendance and make the offer that everyone that buys the eBook for .99 will get the paperback book for free. Just ask that they show you the Amazon purchase receipt and then sign the paperback book and hand them the copy right then and there on the spot.
  5. Simultaneously, talk about the book showing it’s value through email and social media on the same event launch day. Include an offer that everyone that buys the eBook can have a free gift or bonus that has a perception of value. Just ask that they forward you the email of the purchased eBook and you will send them their bonuses.

This offline/online launch day campaign is very effective! Of course, it’s just a couple of ways to earn your best seller status.

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