How to Kill the Confusion in Your Marketing

You have probably heard the expression “a confused buyer isn’t a buyer” meaning confusion is the enemy to leads and sales.

Do people ever ask and re-ask what it is you do?

Do they ever refer the wrong kind of people to you for the wrong kinds of things?

A good elevator speech is priceless.  Knowing how to say what it is that you do in a clear and concise way takes time to develop.  But just as important as saying what you do is to say what you don’t do…or who you don’t serve.

When inviting people to take action you can use what I call ACTION INVITATIONS where you use phrases that start with verbs that communicate very specifically what you can do for people.  Here are some examples I use when sharing how I can help someone:

  1. Develop Your Core Story and Attract the People You Love to Serve
  2. Create a Best Selling Book that will Become a Money Making Business
  3. Get Featured in the Media
  4. Earn Testimonials and Endorsements
  5. Become a Celebrity Expert in Your Industry
  6. Inspire Action in Every Audience
  7. Book More Speaking Gigs

How you know you have a good action invitation is how specific it is and or how much value is perceived in that activity.  Would someone pay a lot of money to (fill in the blank)?  Would someone value and pay a lot of money to create a best selling book that can be turned into a money making business or book more speaking gigs?  I think so.  I know so.


Just as important as saying what you do is saying what you don’t do.  I could follow up all those action invitations with:

  1. I’m not an internet marketer doing SEO.
  2. I don’t make posts for clients in social media.
  3. I’m not a book agent getting people advances through traditional publishing.

You get the idea and to go one step further I tell people what a good client looks like for me as well as what types of people are good leads for me.

  1. Speakers, Authors and Experts are greats leads for me.
  2. People who want to be interviewed on television, have their own show or speak internationally are good referrals for me.
  3. People that want to get a book done with measurable results are good leads for me.
  4. People that have money, can make more money and have enough pain that they are willing to change are good clients for me.


These people aren’t really what I am looking for:

  1. People just starting out.
  2. People that don’t really have their own business or people who aren’t the decision maker in the business.
  3. People who want to do everything themselves.

If you want better leads and to enroll more people then you need to get really good at killing the confusion in your sales and marketing.  How you talk about your business matters!  Your words have weight!

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  • Media Interviews and Hosting
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David T. Fagan

The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

David T. Fagan is the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

He has been featured on Fox & Friends, the Today Show, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now to name a few. He’s won major awards for publishing, publicity, and even the Entrepreneur Educator of the Year Award from Inc 500 Infusionsoft.

David is the best selling author for several books including Word Genius: What to Say and How to Say It, Guerrilla Parenting: How to Raise an Entrepreneur, Cracking the Icon Code: How to Become an Icon in Your Industry Through Your Advice, Image and Expertise, and Becoming Significant: How to Invoke Sacred Words that Unlock Real Power. He’s an International Speaker in places as far away as Dubai, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Australia. He has shared the stage with everyone from Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates to Mark Victor Hansen.

David is the father of 8 children, (4 girls and 4 boys) and even has two grandchildren. He is married to Isabel Donadio-Fagan and they live in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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