How to maximize your decision-making matrix

We are multi-dimensional beings.  We have many talents and many lives that we can live.  My most successful clients understand that in order to be really good at one thing we sacrifice other things in life.  These are decisions that only we can make as we are inspired to do so.

Ultimately, we decide what pursuits are worthy of our time and energy.  Technically no one can really argue with what you feel is the purpose of your life and how you want to magnify it.

Here are some questions I use to help my clients with their decision-making process. Is it a good decision or a bad distraction?

Questions you might ask yourself:

  • Does the time spent help someone else?
  • Does the time spent increase your wisdom?
  • Is there something or someone else that you are forgetting?
  • Is the time spent ruining an important relationship?
  • Does your life have enough balance?
  • Are you known for only one thing?
  • Is your health suffering?
  • Is your spirit suffering?
  • Do you avoid others in order to enjoy your distraction?
  • Is this the best use of my time?

None of these things are silver bullets.  They are points of light and knowledge that can help prevent you from getting burned by bad distractions. Again, it is up to you to apply them accordingly.  To do so effectively means you are living a full and complete life with wisdom in your decision-making process.

Being aware of how we spend our time is important.  Being aware of what is going on all around us is even more important.  Being distracted is being disconnected.  The opposite is to connect with everything else around us.  This means more than just making eye contact and smiling but those two things are a great start.  Don’t be invisible.  Don’t let the world pass you by!

Are you seeing people that need help and helping them where you can?  Are you seeing opportunities to teach and sharing what you can?  Are you discovering both the challenges all around us and providing the solutions whenever possible?

There is a lot of beauty, knowledge and wisdom that can be experienced when we make good decisions that allow us to focus on what is going on around us.

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