Earn More Speaking Gigs with These Techniques

Do you like to speak, teach, train, and inspire audiences?  Are you looking for more opportunities to reach crowds of qualified people?  I can help.  I call it, “6 Proven Ways to Present to More Audiences.”
  1. Make it easy for everyone– Have a good pic, bio, logo, presentation title, and several bullets of what people will learn by experiencing your presentation all ready to go so that it can be sent in one simple email to the people putting on the event.  Event producers do not want to have to track you down or guess about who you are and what you can do for their audience.
  2. Make everyone look good– Have a sizzle reel video that showcases any media you have been featured in, some testimonials from past audiences, any awards you have won, and something personal about your life.  Event producers want to look good to their audiences and show that they have brought in a professional.
  3. Have gifts for the audience before, during, and after the event– Have eBooks, White Papers, Reports, Power Points, Training Videos, and other giveaways that have a high perception of value available for you and the event producer to distribute strategically.  Event producers are always looking to add more value for their attendees.
  4. Share testimonials of other event producers– Collect testimonials from event producers about how you helped their audience, made them money, and added value to their event, so that you can share it with future event producers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to pay to speak to the right audience– Being a “Speaker Sponsor” can be an effective and lucrative way to go, if done correctly.  As long as it’s a good audience with some combination of quality and quantity to which you can sell, then paying to speak easily makes sense.  Event producers love confident presenters that will “put their money where their mouth is” when it comes to predicting success while speaking at an event.
  6. Get people to the event– Probably nothing is more valuable to an event producer than you having the proven ability, in the form of a list or a following, to attract people to the events at which you are speaking.  If you are influential enough to get people to travel, to give up their limited time and attend the events at which you are speaking, then you are truly a valuable speaker.
These 6 points could easily be 10 times as long, but I kept it short and sweet for maximum impact.  I have personally used all these techniques when it comes to booking myself or my clients to speak at events. I also made a big assumption in this article…that you are actually a good speaker in the first place! Telling an event producer that you are a great speaker and that you can do things like make audiences laugh and cry doesn’t mean very much in the event industry.  Every event producer has to make the assumption that, at the bare minimum, you are a good speaker and, quite honestly, there are tons of good speakers.  Rather, it’s the good speakers that can do these additional 6 things that will win the best speaking spots and the most speaking spots.

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David T. Fagan

The “Icon Builder”, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder/CEO of Icon Builder Media

David can help you become a best selling, world-changing, money-making icon in your industry through publishing, publicity and presentations.

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