Second Chances from God

“If she doesn’t have this surgery, she will die.”  A distraught Husband, Mother, and Father listened as the physician explained Dr. Marlena Linton’s options or lack thereof.  Her body was battling a severe infection that spread to the bloodstream.  Usually, the body releases chemicals to fight infection.  Still, Dr. Marlena’s response to these chemicals was out of balance, triggering changes such as damage to multiple organ systems, organ failure, and fatty liver, which resulted in dialysis and the need for a total of seven surgeries.  Dr. Marlena’s heart stopped for multiple seconds on the operating table.  The cumulative of 200 people praying for Dr. Marlena at Holy Cross Hospital was described by her brother as if the roof opened, and Christ himself walked into the building.  He experienced such a chill that the hairs stood on his arms.

When Dr. Marlena woke up 80 days later, the physician confessed, “I did all that I could do, and I didn’t think you’d make it.”  A total of 11 weeks on life support and six months of hospitalization, Dr. Marlena was only 39 years old and a Sepsis Infection survivor.

To say this was a wake-up call is putting it lightly.  God had given her a second chance at life and a lot of questions to go with it.  “Why me?  What is my purpose?  Where do I go from here?”  Years after her dance with death, Dr. Marlena still questioned everything.  All she knew for sure was her old self that suffered from anxiety, and analysis paralysis was gone.  The improved Dr. Marlena, with a stronger faith and a prosperous mind, was here to stay.  Her favorite quote by Mark Twain explains it best, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

Today, with every fleeting moment, Dr. Marlena lives and breathes her “why.”  To coach her clients to rediscover their identity, redefine their life, and reinvent themselves, just like she did.  Dr. Marlena is more than qualified to guide her clients to strategically draw from their own experiences and find their “why.”  Without understanding the “why,” one will never fully realize their purpose and passion.  Utilizing the 30 years of HR experience, she understands people and what makes them tick.  Dr. Marlena’s higher education includes a doctoral degree in management with an emphasis on organizational development and change, an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a General Liberal Arts degree, a bachelor’s degree in theology, and an associate degree in behavioral sciences.  She has a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is understood best by breaking down each component.  Neuro is the physical part and even the emotional and metal parts of our neurology.  Linguistic relates to the language we use, how we communicate with ourselves and others.  Programming is the way our past experiences, emotions, and thoughts influence our choices and daily lives.  Dr. Marlena has certification in grief and bereavement counseling, hypnosis as well as Time-Line Therapy.

Time-Line Therapy is a part of NLP, which revises limiting choices and releases negative emotions.  During a hypnosis state, the client returns to a significant past event, usually traumatic, with new tools to free themselves from the negative emotions attached to the traumatic occasion.  Our timelines are like pearls, and negative experiences are the yellow tints on the pearls which we carry within us forever.  When something comes up in our life, we have a flashback or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it hinders us from moving forward.  That is why Dr. Marlena became certified in Time-Line Therapy.  She can help people clear negative emotions and PTSD quickly.  She saves her clients money and time that they would have spent on years of therapy and medications for anxiety.

With Dr. Marlena’s guidance, you, too, can be 100% in control of your own life.  With her advice, you can seize opportunities when they arise, boost your creativity, strengthen all areas of your life, obtain a positive mindset, and increase your chances of thriving and living a fulfilled life.  Seem overwhelming?  Indeed, change is difficult for anyone, but Dr. Marlena makes it less painful and, more importantly, obtainable.  To further her client’s success, Dr. Marlena created the book Rediscovering Your Destiny: The Power of Possibilities and How to Reinvent the Inevitable.  She shares her experiences before becoming a Sepsis Infection survivor, and how she filled her world with denial, avoidance, minimalism, and a lesser version of her best self.  Dr. Marlena takes the reader on an emotional journey of self-discovery and about the life she was put on this Earth to live.  She shares her strategies, or “mind-hacks,” one needs to transform their lost and subpar life to one with endless possibility and clarity.  Rediscovering Your Destiny: The Power of Possibilities and How to Reinvent the Inevitable teaches the reader how to master the critical relationships in your life, discover a deeper understanding of your past experiences, and make healthier decisions to improve mental well-being and so much more.

Dr. Marlena’s serial entrepreneurial spirit keeps her busy and diversifying her ever-growing portfolio.  After coaching clients all day, she spends her evenings attending contracting school to obtain a B General Building Contractor’s License.  Dr. Marlena’s dream is to purchase land and build a Tiny Home community for homeless Veterans.  She explains, “They put themselves on the line for our freedom, and they’re homeless.  We should never be able to say that in the same sentence.”  Inspired by her eldest son, a disabled veteran from the Afghanistan war, this is more than just a passion project.  It’s personal.

Although Dr. Marlena thrives in a world of “crazy confusion 24/7”, she uses her tools each day to ensure her reality remains at peace.  Overcoming immense obstacles and still enjoying the journey of life, Dr. Marlena is a walking example of what her clients can achieve.  With the understanding, she is not perfect, and failing is inevitable, Dr. Marlena never shies away from taking huge chances and always transforming those failures into life lessons.  Perfectly expressed by Dr. Marlena herself, “I come humbly, but I come bold, because God left me here on a mission, and my mission will go forth until my last day.”

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Dr Marlena Sherman Linton

Speaker, Author

Promoting Purpose and Passion in every step of her journey, Dr. Marlena, a Sepsis infection survivor, knows what it takes to fight back from the dead, literally! Having spent eighty days on life support and being hospitalized for six months, she is a real “walking miracle.”

Dr. Marlena is also internationally known as an accomplished mentor and advisor.  She understands what is needed to touch hearts and changes minds for the better. Dr. Marlena holds many degrees and certificates from some of the most prestigious universities and organizations around.  Always a student, and more than ever the teacher, Dr. Marlena’s new book Rediscovering Your Destiny: The Power of Possibilities and How to Reinvent the Inevitable is the must-read book for 2020.

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