Who is the most successful? The doctor who help 1,000’s of people and spent years studying or the best marketed doctor? The realtor who has helped 10,000 people find homes and grosses thousands of dollars or the best marketed realtor? The speaker who has been on 100’s of stages and had their message heard by 1,000’s or the best marketed speaker?

Social proof, images of you on magazine covers, having published articles, images of you on tv shows and stages, all of this is undeniable social proof. You may know exactly what your competition knows, but social proof gives you the extra edge and stay ahead of them. Top Talent Magazine works only with the people who are passionate about being of service and benefiting their clients. This includes:

  • Speakers
  • Realtors
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Doctors
  • Artists
  • Tv Hosts
  • Athletes
  • Clinics
  • Authors
  • And the list goes on!

You may already have some social proof, so why would this be of interest to you? Time. Some people carry around accomplishments they achieved +20 years ago and haven’t built on it since. Maybe that alone works for them, but that’s not you. You’re driven, you stay 2 steps ahead of your competition and you know the value of having something new to show to your potential clients.

If you want to be in the next edition of Top Talent Magazine, email me directly at tssfinisher@gmail.com to be on the cover, publish your article, promote your business, or all of the above.

Isabel Donadio
Owner of Talent Support Services

To see the full edition, go to this link:

Isabel Donadio

Owner of Talent Support Services

Isabel Donadio is the Founder and COO of Talent Support Services, the majority owner of Speaker House Publishing, the best selling author of Finishing is Happiness: 7 Ways Big Idea Entrepreneurs Can Become Big Business Finishers, the winner of the 2019 TWC Most Outstanding Rising Star Award and Editor-In-Chief of Top Talent Magazine. Deserving of any “Top 30 Under 30” list Isabel specializes in supporting and promoting expert authors and speakers all over the world.

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