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If you’re into cutting-edge technology, what’s happening today, and how you can stay ahead of your competition, then this article is for you.

David and I were recently on the Marketer’s Cruise and participated in a segment where everyone shared insight, advice, tips, and tech that can help in different areas of life. I spent some time taking notes, fact-checking the gathered information, organizing them into different topics, and compiling them all neatly to help you get to where you’re going.

I’ve done all the work for you – now you can reap the reward of reading this article and hopefully discover something new to help you, your business, and your life.

Get on More Shows and in the Media

This high investment service allows you to connect more directly to the people you want to interview or be interviewed by pitching yourself. This service technically helps you be the most efficient, and even offers training through your very own concierge. If you’re ready to start getting pitched to the media, then this is a route for you.

$7,200 per year

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free service that allows you to submit for topics and conversations that you are an expert in. With HARO you will be emailed 3 times a day with a complete list of outlets you can engage in from Healthcare, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel, and more. Although this service is free, each outlet has its own deadline.

No Cost

Radio Guest List is rated the #1 free resource to be featured on radio shows, podcasts, or talk shows including AM, FM, Satellite, and more. Once you subscribe to their free service, like HARO, you will be emailed a list of potential shows you can apply for and be featured as a guest.

No Cost

For Pod Match you need to first create an account before you can begin using it by selecting whether you’re a podcast host looking for a guest, a guest looking to be on a podcast, or both. As you go about creating your account, you can break down what shows you’d be a fit for, how many followers you have, and even give them the top 10 questions you’re always ready to answer. Though the process is a bit longer when it comes to initially creating your account, you have the option of a free account or a paying account in which they list all the benefits.

$39 per month

A Free Option Available

This is a podcast search engine that allows you to investigate and learn more about a podcast and show before you apply to be featured as a guest. Each time you pitch yourself to be featured, the website will track your conversion rate so you can see how well your pitches are doing. As a host, you can see all the people who are submitting their pitches. Similar to Cision, your pitches are first submitted through the website then a follow-up conversation is done through email. You can also sort your contacts for different topics and conversations to stay organized.

No Cost

Assist In Your Copy Writing


Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence trained to generate original, creative content. This system can help you boost ad conversions through better copy, end writer’s block, breakthrough language barriers, and more. When creating your account, you can select what areas you need help in such as – social media posts, emails, website content, ads, and blog posts. Jarvis.AI is highly rated and recommended by business owners and entrepreneurs if writing is not your strongest suit.

$29 per month or $119 per month

Grammarly is considered a great service to help you edit and proofread your copy during your writing process. If you’re a fan of Word Press then this will go one step further in helping you avoid filler words, alternative texts, and sentence structure errors. If you decide to go with a paying option, you’re able to access brand tones, plagiarism detection, formality level, compelling vocabulary and so much more. Regardless of your choice, they start you off on a brief but detailed tour of the system.

Business Option is $12.50 per member per month

Premium Option is $12 per month

A Free Option is Available

Answer The Public helps you identify specific topics in the media and online. If you’re looking into hot topics to write about for an article, an email, or a social media post, then this website will help you tremendously. By typing in a few words, you will discover the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions that people are asking, which you can answer as the source.

No Cost

These are just a few of the insights, systems, and technology that I gathered, and you can now implement. Regardless of your investment, whether monetary or time, if you or your team don’t try these smarter ways, you may miss out on some fantastic benefits.

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