The Top 3 Ways We Give Away Our Power and Why We Need to Reclaim It

Have you ever thought what you would say if you had a chance to get in front of a massive audience?  Long before I was a speaker, I dreamt that I would tell every person on the planet that it is time to let go of your universal unconscious limiting human condition that you are not enough.  This holds you back from your deepest fulfillment in EVERY SINGLE area of your life.  Ladies this is more prevalent for you; but guys, I know you feel it too.  Our human conditioning pulls us away from remembering the truth of who we are.  

You say, “But Janine, I am wildly successful!”  Fantastic!  We are all somewhere on the self-actualizing spectrum.  But the truth is most of you are not fully embodying ALL of who you are.  Rarely do you attain your FULLEST expression.  Even if we sense that something is missing or that we are meant for more, we simultaneously believe that we are not worthy to have it all.  If left unexamined, how can you ever be fully seen or expressed in your career, relationships, love, health, and finances when not in your full power?

When you are not living from your deepest truth, inner knowing, and power; your default is to look outside yourself – to the agendas and goals of others.  When you do this, you give away your energy and personal power, which leaves you drained and unfulfilled.

3 Common Ways We Give Away Our Energy:

  1. The Human DOER. Our society values busyness, endless to-do lists, and badges of honor for full schedules.  This can be especially hard with the multiple roles you play in your life.  If you are a Human DOER, you do not take time to BE.  You do not know how to integrate the BEing into the DOing.  Often you go about your life on autopilot.  You push nonstop for success.  You force yourself forwards rather than live connected to your BEingness where your power resides.  You live in your head and over-ride how you feel.
  2. The External Validator. Your decisions are driven by the need for validation from others, which puts you in a state of constantly striving for the next validation.  You seek the perfect relationship, car, house, degree, or career receiving affirmations from others along the way.  Yet, you still do not feel complete.  You look outside yourself for “something” you perceive you do not have within.  You look for fulfillment in the wrong places!  Why do you do this?  Because we are taught to look to “others” such as bosses, colleagues, partners, parents, and peers – instead of trusting our own guidance.  You strive for significance, recognition, permission, love, or approval.  Yet, you never feel truly fulfilled.
  3. The Unexpressed. You live in a constant state of subtle or not so subtle suppression.  You never fully honor yourself.  You do not fully believe in yourself enough to “go for it,” speak your mind, share your opinions, dance on stage, or defend yourself the same as you would for your loved ones.  This shows up by withholding an innovative idea in a business meeting or disagreeing about something in a relationship.  You allow it to continue instead of taking a stand.  You have the urge to express more but you resist.

These 3 energy giveaways dishonor our core values and are a form of self-abandonment.  If you have identified with any of these “energy leaks,” congratulations.  Awareness is the first step towards honoring your own needs and desires – which is my vision for people everywhere!  Once you become aware of how you are giving away your energy, you can reclaim it.  Choose to move towards a life aligned with your true power and live the deep fulfilling life you deserve.

How have I come to know this so intimately?  I have learned the hard way.

Several years ago, I appeared to have it all – a great career, a beautiful house, a loving family, financial abundance, and tropical vacations.  Life was extremely good.  But I did not feel fulfilled.  I was meant for more.  But how could I be off course?  I had outer confirmation, external rewards, and reinforcement for working so hard as a businesswoman, colleague, mom, wife, and friend.  All the outer praise and societal pats on the back overshadowed my own needs and desires.  No wonder I had a pattern of burnout!

I still remember what I refer to as my “epiphany” moment.  It came right after a painful break-up.  In fact, it was so painful that I made a declaration to myself that I would do whatever it took to never feel like that again.  This declaration was pivotal and put me on a totally different trajectory.  I finally realized what was missing in my life, me!  I kept busy taking care of everyone else, putting their wants and needs first.  Clearly, I had not learned the distinction between giving OF myself and giving UP myself.

As I connected to me and followed my calling things fell into place.  I went from 6 to 7 figures, found my dream home, and gained a sense of deep fulfillment.  But the biggest change was freedom and flow in every area of my life.  Not being fully connected to myself stemmed all the way back to when I was 6 days old.  I was the result of a mad passionate love affair.  It was considered taboo back in the day, so after 6 days my birth mother gave me up for adoption.  This unconsciously caused me to embody a “proving energy.”  So, I endlessly tried to prove that I was good enough, worthy enough, capable enough, and lovable enough.

So, with my newfound awareness, I ventured on this path to reclaim all of me.  I reset my GPS from external to internal guidance.  I stopped caring what others thought and let go of everything that was not in my highest good.  I stopped holding back and giving away my energy and personal power.  I learned how to be true to me despite the consequences and, most importantly, I answered my deepest truth and calling to live life on my own terms.  So, I did the work, learned the lessons, and rewrote my story.  I reclaimed my power; as can we all!

Being in your power is about finding the sweet spot in life.  It is how you attract new clients, money, vibrant health, opportunities, and ideal romantic and business partners.  It is where you find freedom.  You learn to integrate and embody ALL of yourself unapologetically.

Today I live deeply connected to my vision.  I am fueled by my global mission to help others show up in a new way, fulfill their highest expression, and be in their full power.  What I have learned from working with thousands of successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs for over 3 decades is that we all have different stories, but underneath we share the same limiting human conditions.

When you reclaim your personal energy, you become powerful beyond your greatest expectations.  You are whole, complete, limitless, and enough.  It starts with shifting your GPS from the outside world to yourself.  It starts with YOU!

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Janine Brolly

Speaker, Author
Janine Brolly (BPE, AT, RPT) works with modern, successful women worldwide who feel burnt out, unfulfilled and that ‘something’ is missing – in spite of their success.
Through her own personal journey and working with thousands of women for over 30 years, Janine believes it’s an epidemic how so many successful women are ‘just living’, trudging through the days and the endless lists of responsibilities and never feeling truly fulfilled. They hold back from living richer lives they know they are meant for.
Janine has built a seven-figure business and helps women awaken their burning desire in business or personal life, so they can create the wealthiest life possible and live their highest calling. She is known for her intuitive ability to see and unveil blind spots in others.
She is an International Speaker, Author, Health Professional, Founder of High Powered Living, the Burning Desire Day, and the Inspire Women’s Business Network.

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