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Are you in a mid-career professional-feeling, frustrated with your advisement portfolio prospects, and less than enthused about the market’s volatility?  Are you dedicated to the financial wellness of your children?  Jodi Vetterl, author of Beyond the Banks, wants you to know that you are not alone, and you can take the reins on your investments through private lending in real estate.

Calling in from her home base in Vancouver, BC, where she heads up the virtual “Beyond the Banks Academy,” Jodi Vetterl invited us into the secret world of passive income generation that made her a millionaire.  Jodi gave Top Talent Magazine an inside look at what has undergirded her transition from high power corporate saleswoman in Fortune 100 companies to passionate mom living her dream life and supporting other “Fempreneurs.”

It all started when she made the conscious choice as a young girl not to repeat the financial stress patterns that colored her formative years.  Like many women seeking to break outside the box, Jodi delayed her financial independence.  She is a self-identified “outlaw” to the traditional structures set up for women of earlier generations.  Working as a hostess at age 15, then going to university for architecture, Jodi was determined early on in her career to pave a path of self-determination, high achievement, and career-oriented success.  Like many successful alpha females with a six-figure income, Jodi experienced challenges.  She had a life filled with non-stop travel and a micromanaging boss.  Also, she wanted to balance a busy work schedule with a desire for motherhood

When she found out her son Hunter was on the way in her forties; something had to give.  Using her 20+ years of experience in packaging and selling investment opportunities, Jodi started putting her strategies to paper, and in under a month, she had her book written.

“What sets you apart from traditional financial advisors?”  I probed.  “I am not a broker.  I don’t broker anything.  I am here to empower and educate people who are ready to take more control of their financial decisions.”

Her book is just a glimpse into her highly successful eight-week course, “Beyond the Banks Academy.”  Both are focused on learning classic “trade secrets” that the big banks have been selling us and instead implementing them through private channels to maximize return and minimize money spent on fees and commissions.  Over 60 people have graduated from her Canadian Academy thus far, and she spoke with enthusiasm about the upcoming US program, which will likely hit the market this quarter.  Her program gives a lot of one-on-one attention to uncovering hidden pockets of cash flow that can serve a dual purpose:

  1. The program sets up a fallback plan in case of sudden income loss.
  2. The program shows you how to mindfully reinvest either as a property owner and lessor or underwriter on a title.

Jodi shared that she had always dreamed of “flipping” homes.  Through her proven techniques, she allowed herself to reel in double-digit returns and save herself the headache of the additional management and time necessary to do a traditional flip.

The discovery of financial empowerment and flow aligned for Jodi, who emphasized that “I‘ve really had this explorer nature.  It makes me understand on such a deep level how I’ve been my whole life.  I bring the ‘open, seek, explore’ [nature] to taking risks and going against the grain.”  As she recounted a moment of discovery with one of her clients when they uncovered nearly $700,000 of workable capital together, the element of mutual support became unduly clear and a standout of Jodi’s Academy program.  Jodi is right there with you in your “aha” moments.  You’ve been sitting on the economic potential that has a home in private real-estate lending and will generate the returns you’ve been dreaming of –  with a lot more stability than a high-risk portfolio or even mutual fund.

The process Jodi uses during the Academy will appeal to those excited about spreadsheets and passionate about the organization.  Who doesn’t want to create win-win outcomes for themselves, their money, their families, their clients, and their potential sponsors?  In fact, Jodi doesn’t even like using the word “sponsors” and prefers instead to think of the Academy as a red carpet rollout to the “resource guides.”  When asked about what would make her sponsors proud, she replied, “The paperwork is already done, so the referral process is seamless.”  These proven scenarios work to augment her clients’ desired pathway toward passive income fulfill her affiliates’ need to secure strong leads.  Jodi summed it up in three steps for me:

  1. Understand your financial picture first because it is the most empowering tool.
  2. Take risks that match your desired level of stability. You do not have to get involved in a volatile market when real-estate offers so much more financial strength.
  3. Go “beyond the book and the academy.” Create your relationship with resource guides, “sponsors,” and affiliate referrals.  Spread the win-win outcomes beyond your newfound financial freedom and into your circles of trust and networks of success.

With appearances on CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC, Jodi has already been taking steps to share her knowledge with the world at large.  She now also runs a Facebook group supporting other up and coming female entrepreneurs and says that she likes to give her book and knowledge away for free as often as she can.  But what’s next for Jodi?  “I want my son to grow up understanding business and finances.  We’ve been doing some ‘kidpreneur’ programs even though he’s only 5.”  Her book “Beyond the Banks” did precisely what she hoped – created more space in her life for the things that matter most – a loving and present relationship with her son first and foremost.

Do you desire to create more space in your life?  Jodi is the quintessential lady warrior Queen who has it all – passive income, family, time, independence, self-determination, and a plan to “pay it forward” to other folks, especially women.

To contact Jodi for more information about her book “Beyond the Banks” or her course “Beyond the Banks Academy,” visit

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Jodi Vetterl

Speaker, Author

Jodi Vetterl is an international speaker and best-selling author of Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender. She created Beyond the Banks Academy, an 8-week guided transformational program that helps individuals with building wealth by utilizing the concepts and strategies from her book.

Jodi has a 20-year career in high-tech software sales working at Fortune 500 companies, and has won multiple sales achievement awards; closed 7-digit deals, and enjoyed several President’s Club trips around the world. Desiring financial independence from Corporate America, Jodi spent the last 17 years building up a real estate portfolio in both the US & Canada as a passive investor utilizing a variety of strategies. As a result, Jodi was able to retire from Corporate America in her mid-40’s and fulfill her passions around writing, speaking, consulting & helping others achieve financial success.

Additionally, Jodi was able to successfully raise over 6-figures to help fund her book, course, and business by establishing premium partners to collaborate within mutually beneficial relationships. From the success of this marketing strategy, she has designed an 8-week program that guides authors & entrepreneurs in raising the funds required to grow and prosper their businesses. The program is called Beyond the Book.

Jodi is passionate about supporting other women who are transitioning from corporate & co-developed a Facebook group called The Hive Fempreneurs Collective: From Worker Bee to Queen Bee. The group is all about designing, building, and monetizing your Hive. Jodi became a first-time Mom in her mid-40’s and enjoys the precious moments in life with her young son helping him with kidpreneur projects and giving back to organizations such as the Vancouver Food Bank, Ocean’s Ambassadors Canada, Médecins Sans Frontières, WarChild Canada, Vancouver Children’s Hospital and other organizations that are dear to her. She enjoys educating others with the resources and knowledge that have helped her create financial success and a heartfelt life balance.

You can learn more about Jodi at Real Estate Investing for Passive Income

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