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“It’s about how we are the creators of our own world, which is the true magic of why we are here – our free will to create.”

I’m talking to Joy Willett about the launch of her new book, exuberantly titled “I am Joy and So Are You”, which explores the many facets of creation, transformation, and the magic of experience and existence.  

Readers introduced to Joy’s world will learn from chapters that discuss what she calls “quantum creating”. Joy references children in her book and the way they perceive everything as “heroic and playful”. She uses this notion to simplify the premise behind the main purpose of life which is “coming here to play”. She believes in tapping into the child inside and the deepest inner place of ourselves as a positive way to navigate life and nurture happiness. Some may define this as the unconscious or the subconscious mind – to which Joy understands is ultimately what “runs the show”. She believes that we are creating every second with our energy, thus we hold the power to positively create our paths. 

“It’s a quantum creation world and we are quantumly creating everything all the time,” Joy says. To my understanding, everything is interconnected.

I proceed to ask Joy what parts of her book were the most difficult to write about. She confesses that a family tragedy involving her twin sister, who she calls her dearest best friend, experienced a nervous breakdown. This moment in Joy’s life encompasses a big part of why she turned the volume up in order to become an expert of the heart and mind. She immersed herself into the path of learning and becoming a knowledgable expert in fields of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and many other mechanisms in order to help people, keep herself afloat, and be able to help her family as well.

While on the topic of family, Joy reveals that she comes from two contrasting lineages. Her mother’s side of the family were clairvoyants and intuitives from Finland.

“On one side of the family, these kinds of ‘out there’ topics were openly talked about at the table”. On the other end, her father’s side of the family were traditional and religious immigrants from Norway and Latvia, which prompted her to also become an ordained minister. “It’s a nice blend of formal, traditional background with a very deeply spiritual, psychic side,” she says. Joy evenly celebrates both sides of her family, who recognize her and are supportive of the combination of both worlds in her work.

Joy’s mission is all-encompassing and noticeably extends into her various skills. She conducts premarital counseling where she brings people closer to one another before marriage. She’s also a psychic/medium and channels messages from those who have passed on. “I see people who have passed over a lot. I also help people clear or move into the light.” Ultimately, Joy knows that life is eternal and there is no separation between “this world and the other world”.

Joy realized that this was her life’s work as early as 15 years old. She reminisces on the days when she and her twin sister would visit Vancouver, engage with fellow teenage friends, and practice hypnosis amongst themselves. “It’s just always been in my nature to work with the mind, heart, and spirit,” she says.

Joy continued her interest in hypnosis and was soon mentored by the late Dr. Bolduc in the ‘80s. Eventually, she dived into the world of NLP studies and was enamored with the idea of what people can do with their minds and “quantumly shift things to becoming more magical, resourceful, and enlightened,” she says.

“I’m an illuminator. I think that is one of my code words of who I am. I illuminate people’s pathways,” she says. Joy essentially helps people break through by clearing karmic patterns instantaneously. “We can clear things right away and get to the “aha” moment… It doesn’t have to be intense and the need to continue on with that pattern can magically poof away,” she explains.

Whether individually, in couples, or in groups, Joy trains people to tap into the heavy parts of their subconscious minds that are negatively affecting their lives. “1-3% of you is conscious, and the rest is what is running the show. When I work with folks, I love to train them to communicate with that part. It’s not about getting to the nitty-gritty of another time, though emotions can come up, it’s about getting the gift,” she says.

Joy’s work allows individuals to feel more empowered and retrieve their lives and health back.  “I work with people that are on the edge of their cliff and don’t know how to get somewhere. That’s where I come in – I shine the light and rocket launch them… Everyone has magic in them,” she says.

Joy playfully calls her techniques to accomplish these clearings and healings as some of her “magic tricks and techniques”.

With her book out in the world now, Joy’s future ventures will continue in the realm of changing lives and doing so as a beacon of energy-shifting. She is aware that it is her time to come out into the world with a new set of wings. As an illuminator and author, Joy says that her book is personal and symbolic, “a portal for me to bring my light out in a different way.”

She says the meaningful takeaway people will gain from her book is learning to raise their own frequencies and allowing themselves to dance with their spirit, mental body, and emotions.

Joy looks forward to working with socially and globally conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, that are candidly working to create a global impact.

“I want people to remember that we are spiritual beings. We should be in collaboration with tribes of people who are waking up to accentuate our collective energy and frequency, in order to pull in and awaken others.”

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“I Am Joy and So Are You” is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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Joy Willett

Author of the Best Selling Book I Am Joy...And So Are You

Joy Willett is best known for her uncanny ability to help you leap into your greatest purpose! For over 3 decades, she has been assisting others in their mind and heart transformation, through NLP, hypnosis, and intuitive guidance. Joy is a highly sought after speaker, who has shared the stage with Allison Larson, Dr. Marlena Sherman Linton, David T. Fagan and other award-winning experts in their fields. She lives in Southern California & delights in taking pictures of the glorious beaches and amazing clouds that pass her by.

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