In a world built for men, how can women thrive?

This is the question that neuroscientist and women’s health expert, Kayla Osterhoff has dedicated her career to investigating.

The world that we live in is set to a 24-hour, repeating rhythm.

In general, we wake up, drink our coffee, work for most of the day, eat dinner, and go to bed. Rinse. Repeat.

Even in business, we see a 24-hour system with the same schedules, routines, and environments repeated day-in-and-day-out.

This happens to work very well for men, who’s biological rhythm repeats every 24-hours and remains consistent each day.

Hence, why we see so many men thrive in the business world.

But women are not small men.

And we do not thrive in the same routines and environments that a man does.Women have a much more complex biological system that is set to a monthly rhythm.

Over the course of a month, women experience hormonal changes that cause shifts in their energy levels, mood, metabolism, and brain function. This cycle is split into 4 phases, each with their own biochemical and physiological signature:

Because of the four distinct phases of our hormone cycle, women are essentially 4 different people, with four different sets of needs over the span of a month.

 Therefore, the same routine each day will not suffice for women.

For women, peak performance can only be achieved if her routines match the ebb and flow of her biorhythm.

The widely accepted approach of consistently “grinding” your way to the top will eventually ware a woman’s body down and lead her to burnout.

Why women are burning out of business.

 Coming from a humble upbringing, I was taught by my blue-collar parents that, “you have to work hard to succeed”.  Little did I, or they, know that this lesson would become the impetus of my life and eventually lead me to burn out. 

“Work hard to succeed” became my motto as I worked and went to school full time, achieving many accolades along the way. With every award, promotion, and degree came a satisfying sense of achievement and an outpouring of attention and love. I was held in high regard and constantly rewarded for my “hard work” by my parents, colleagues and mentors.

Eventually, my hard work landed me at my dream job as a health scientist for CDC where I worked endless hours to prove that I was a “hard worker” and climb the corporate ladder.

On the outside, I had it all! But on the inside, my body was slowly breaking down.

I became exhausted. I had brain fog, leaky gut, acne, and constant headaches. Eventually I was unable to get through the day without taking a nap, which for a “hard worker” was a nightmare!

My problem was not a lack of talent or hard work, it was a lack of understanding how to properly operate my female body.

I was working hard and consistently every day, like I was taught. Little did I know, I was also working consistently toward burnout.


Imagine if workplaces, schedules, and infrastructures were designed to allow women to match their efforts with their biological rhythms.

Women would have more energy and better focus. They would have a more balanced mood and overall better health. They would be able to get more done in less time.

Imagine how much further women leaders could go if they were thriving instead of striving!

Proposing one solution and needing many more: 

In an attempt to flip the paradigm and empower women leaders succeed without sacrificing their health, I’ve created the first and only science-based mastermind for women leaders.

This 12-month program is designed to provide women with evidence-based tools, support and education about their unique bio-individuality to help them master their energy, cognition, mood, and overall health.

Join the ranks of powerful women leaders to discover the gifts of your feminine biology and unlock your fullest potential!

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Kayla Osterhoff

MPH, PhD Student

Kayla is a renowned neuroscientist and women’s health expert, who loves to share her research about the brain and the mind. Her work has been featured on stages and media around the world.

Kayla is formally trained across the health sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Health Ecology, a Master of Science in Public Health & Epidemiology, and currently pursuing her doctoral degree in the field of Neuropsychophysiology. 

Formerly, Kayla served as a Health Scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and spent several years prior to that working in the clinical setting. 

Her unique background and expertise across the spectrum of health sciences led her to develop a truly holistic understanding and approach for health optimization, peak performance, and resilience of the mind and body.

Kayla has dedicated the last several years of her career to researching women’s neuropsychology. Her investigative efforts into the brains and minds of women led her to a major discovery about women’s unique cognitive and leadership abilities. Her discovery was the catalyst for the Leadership Biorhythm Program for women leaders.

Kayla is now dedicated to sharing her research discoveries to empower women leaders and amplify feminine leadership around the globe!

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