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Lorraine Hoving awoke on her 60th Birthday with panic gripping her heart and tears in her eyes. Where did the time go?  While in bed, the realization hit her in the stomach like a bag of bricks.  If God blessed her with 30 more years, then life as she knew it was two thirds over.  All those failed goals she created for herself, some over 45 years old.  All those empty promises to obtain a healthy lifestyle coupled with the mentality that the next Monday was as good as any day to start her weight loss journey. Would she ever change?  Yes. Lorraine knew it would be hard work, but dug deep, very deep, and propelled herself on the path to obtain a life and body only fitting for her youthful spirit.  With the same eternal optimism she has had since childhood, Lorraine wiped her tears, got out of bed, and enrolled in a personal development class.  Lorraine learned to face her traumas, love herself, forgive others, and the most difficult of all, the ability to forgive herself. Immersed with improving and learning every day, Lorraine took online classes in fashion, hired a personal fitness trainer, and discovered new adventures with her husband, Tim, in which she shares 44 years of marriage. Lorraine has lost an impressive 125 pounds and continues on a path of complete health and wellness in both body and mind.  Lorraine has a new insatiable hunger for life and labors to leave a legacy that will benefit all those she encounters.

Equipped with the natural ability and love of public speaking Lorraine takes her “personal triumph story” on the road to share with women of similar age and circumstance.  She helps those who may feel invisible or a little lost, have 20 or 30 pounds to lose, or strive to reinvigorate their lives so that the next chapter is the best.  Lorraine is passionate about helping other women realize that their voice counts, that it is not the time to sit back, give up, or play small.  This time in life can be the very best.  She dreams big and inspires her audience to do the same.  Lorraine has spread her message in Atlanta – Georgia, Orlando – Florida, Milwaukee – Wisconsin, Chapel Hill – North Carolina, Denver – Colorado, and now her current residence, Victoria – BC, Canada.  Lee Collins, who has had the pleasure of witnessing Lorraine in action on stage, who is Mother, Grandmother, and the leader of a Women’s Ministries, described Lorraine as “honest, sincere, trustworthy, loyal, dedicated, hardworking, tenacious, and fearless.  She is an adventuresome, compassionate, strong risk-taker, a good spouse, and mother.  She has a smile that speaks through her eyes. She has a sharp sense of humor.”

With testimonies like that, it is no surprise that the Peninsula Newcomers group of Victoria – BC Canada loved Lorraine’s enthusiasm so much they appointed her President just after three meetings.  In addition to public speaking, Lorraine spreads her powerful message on her radio show, Never Too Late Ever, broadcasted by iHeartRadio.  One of Lorraine’s most inspirational guest on Never Too Late Ever was her very own sister-in-law, Rita Chretien, who survived in her van lost in the Nevada wilderness for 40 days.  Rita’s husband, also Lorraine’s brother, who went to seek help, sadly did not survive in the vast Nevada desert.  Lorraine explained, “Having her on my show was like living those difficult days all over again, very impactful!”

Now nine years later, Rita is thriving and doing fabulous. Tune in each Monday to hear more riveting stories like Rita Chretien’s.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear Lorraine speak in person or on Never Too Late Ever, you may read about her personal triumph story in the book, life Boosts.  As a 13-author compilation of triumph stories and journeys, you can learn about Lorraine’s childhood traumas, which resulted in her lifelong struggle with weight.  You’ll find strategies and tactics to boost your health, your wealth, and more.  If you need a new book in your life that will make you both laugh and cry, reach out to Lorraine to purchase life Boosts.

Nothing could put out the fire within Lorraine to help women, not even when the global pandemic COVID-19 shook the world.  She took her teachings online and developed the course, “Transformation from the Inside Out.”  Designed as a self-paced challenge, the participant embarks on a journey dealing with their past, learning to forgive, and embracing self-worth.  Hitting refresh and restart, the course focuses on positive lifestyle changes and becoming accountable for feeding your body.  The participant works through three pillars to achieve a deeper level of transformation.  The first pillar, “Leaving the Past,” breaks you free from the chains of the past and sets you up for success.  The second pillar, “Loving Yourself: Master the Art of Radical Self Love and Acceptance,” and the third pillar, “Lifestyle to Legacy: Experience Health and Body, Mind and Relationship.”  Keep an eye out for new online courses developed by Lorraine on the course page of her website.

Lorraine already has achieved so much but is nowhere close to stepping on the breaks.  When asked what her next huge accomplishment will be, she answered with zero hesitation.  Lorraine set her sights on developing a two-day retreat where women can immerse themselves in natural beauty while achieving mental, physical, and spiritual goals.  Where mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, and friends encourage each other to explore their inner workings in ways that only other women can understand.  Develop self-care in Yoga, meditation, and cooking classes, all while detoxifying the mind and rejuvenating the body.  Sometimes one needs good old-fashioned girl time that can develop into lifelong friendships.

As a wife of 44 years, Mother of two, Grandmother, and Realtor for 17 years, Lorraine creates a required balance of work and play to keep harmony within her life.  Tim and Lorraine’s favorite playground is out on the open water.  Boating, kayaking, you name it, if it can float, you’ll find Lorraine.  She also loves reinventing popular recipes in the kitchen to make them healthier and lower calorie.  Perhaps Lorraine will grace us with a cookbook that contains recipes with the same amount of zest as she adds to her own life.

I leave you with a message from Lorraine herself: “It’s never too late ever…until it is. It is important to live today because none of us have any guarantees that tomorrow will come.   And so, this is the day, and every day that we live, we have fewer days left.  The importance of starting today, not putting everything for tomorrow, like I put off for 60 years to lose my weight.  Begin today, changing your life, changing your mindset, making your world better, and the best is yet to come.  If you’re over 50 or 60, the best is yet to come.”

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Lorraine Hoving

Speaker, Coach
 have always been an eternal optimist. A gal that has always seen the glass as half full, even if at times I couldn’t believe it for myself.
When I turned 60, I woke up and suddenly realized if God blessed me with 30 more years — my life was two thirds over! I had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach knowing that all goals I had set out for myself; the weight that I so desperately wanted to lose, the healthy lifestyle I wanted for myself and all the ways I wanted to better organize my life — it had all alluded me in a big heap of unfulfilled promises. Some of these promises I made with myself were over 45 years old! Could I ever really change? And make it to the other side?
On that morning, I made the choice to dig deep inside my soul and realized I was completely out of excuses and I had no choice but to take the necessary steps to change my life forever. I enrolled in a personal development class where I learned to love myself, face the trauma of my past as well as forgive others but most importantly to forgive myself. This was the catalyst and the motivation which took me on an adventure of self-development and discovery. I took an online course in style and fashion; I hired a personal trainer and I traveled with my husband — I was committed to opening myself up to learning and improving myself every single day. 
Once I started to see my life transform, naturally I wanted to share what I learned with as many people as possible, and so my speaking career began which then opened up the door for me to host a show on iHeart Radio as well as be the guest on numerous podcasts. I’m also the author of a book collaboration called Life Boosts.  It has been so unbelievably rewarding to share my story and create a community of people where we are bonded together by the power of change!
As of today, I have lost a total of 125lbs! And I’m continuing my path to total health and wellness. I have an enormous passion to share what I have learned and my mission is to help others until my last breath.  I want to inspire others that it is Never Too Late Ever!

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