What You Were Never Told About Your Womb…

The current moment of human evolution sits on the cusp of conscious awakening.

Patriarchal structured societies have secured a purpose to maintain human existence. Such structures have nearly led to our extermination with displays of brutality, ignorance and war.

An awakening has begun. Begun gradually across the past millennium to correct. With each attempt to correct, patriarchal control has sustained. With it struggle, war, starvation, genocide, brutality and ignorance continue. With our sustained patriarchal control misaligned governments, misaligned environments, misaligned cultures and misaligned people.

I lived in my masculine nature for my entire young life in order to survive and to succeed. Being the little sister to three older brothers; hunting, fishing, horseback riding and hiking high mountain trails, marrying a cattle rancher and relocating to raise my own babies on a remote cattle ranch was not an unrealistic destiny. Being a single mom, ranching and working in a masculine dominated reality was never my dream.

Fortunately, I nurtured the creativity of my youth into my young adult life. And this creativity became my salvation. As life would have it, a story found me. I embarked on researching and writing of long-gone histories. Once I began my writing journey my feminine nature emerged.

For what I discovered in researching my novel, Morningstar, was larger than anything I had ever written. I did resist, I was terrified, and I did persevere.

As women today we must learn from the past and the unspoken truths that where never told to our mothers and, most likely, never told to our grandmothers.

Modern women realize the role that society portrays the feminine image that our cultures, across the globe, support and nurture. Women today, though, are left unaware of the truths of femineity and the sacredness of being a woman.

The majority of our world’s governments are based upon patriarchal ideals of early churches and religion down to our public schools, organizations, clubs, and businesses.

This patriarchal systemic structure, though not entirely intentional today, is what we’ve known for generations, for millenniums. The system of our democracy is the system that we have modeled our entire societies after.

The feminine leaders of the modern world that have bent toward the masculine styles of leadership have found a niche within the gap. There have been and continues to be wonderfully brilliant feminine leaders today and yesterday that have found their success as worthy leaders. We as women, today, have abundant opportunities. We have the freedoms to empower ourselves and other women across the world and inspire the change of leadership for all into a balanced style of leadership where both the feminine and the masculine styles are deemed equally sustainable. We are freely capable of embracing both the masculine and the feminine leadership styles.

The evolution of becoming an effective leader is a journey of self-discovery. It is an evolution of becoming authentically one’s self. We, both men and women, are capable of embracing our authentic feminine nature. Are we free to share our masculine and our feminine qualities without being ridiculed or scorned?

Because of our pasts and our visions for a better future, we’ve all arrived here prepared to be the leaders of today and preparing those of tomorrow.

The sagas from the past compiled with the vision we hold, or maybe even the success that we’ve realized, it’s this empty gap between our tribulations and our triumphs that must be celebrated… celebrated, acknowledged, healed…

The gap felt by the collective Feminine soul across millennium of struggles, repression, suppression, of triumphs and tribulations now demands exposure. Again, and again, exposing the past and telling the stories of our history as women leaders; as healers and teachers. Mothers and Priestesses, as Croons. Hags. Witches, and Goddesses. The stories of Feminine leaders as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and when, why and how we were beaten, shamed, hung, suppressed, burned and overcame.

The stories that portray the Hag and The Coon as Goddess like, as the beautifully aged all-knowing grandmothers and leaders were woven into stories that I grew up reading as scary and ugly when in truth these women, The Hags and The Croons were all powerful Goddesses only not as strong as the men who feared them.

These stories must be told in order to awaken, in order for the feminine leaders of today to be healed and then to forgive, but not to forget. So that we may become whole and be the authentic leaders to harness the feminine leadership styles of today with grace, warmth, nurturing, spontaneity, creativity, love and acceptance that the world desperately needs now. This all must be coordinated with the existing masculine qualities of decisiveness and action in order to be a successful leader.

The Universe is experiencing a shift. A recalibration, back to a healthy universe where one day the Sacred Feminine is Holy once more. It is in the writing of our journeys as women, of telling our stories and our triumph and tribulation of becoming successful feminine leaders and immersing the matriarchal with the patriarchal systems and structures, and becoming authentically ourselves by learning of our pasts and our feminine powers and truths that we are able to write our own stories.

We must learn the empowering truth of what being Divinely Feminine means. We must learn why untold histories remained untold and what the truth of being a girl and being a woman means, once we learn of such truths and untold histories we can ensure our daughters today and our granddaughters tomorrow know the wisdom, the creativity and the source that is abundantly theirs.

The common thread of being a woman is innate. As girls and women, we are intrinsically connected to one another. We all are woven together upon a universal tapestry across generations and worlds, connected. And together we must uncover and tell our stories.

I invite you to begin your journey in telling your story. You may connect with me today at StoryLauncher.com

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Ondi Laure

Author, Speaker

Ondi Laure is best known for her tales of humanities’ savage past. She writes of untold history, wisdom and courage. For over a decade she has been helping others shape the world through crafting powerful books that become legacies. She has not only been featured in Forbes and Top Talent Magazine, but she is the #1 bestselling author of Morningstar, a historical Epic for young adults. Her clients include Rhonda and Hanalei Swan, Susan and Jacob Browder, and Callie Katz. 

Ondi Laure has shared the stage with Isabel Donadio, Kathi Tait, Jodi Vetterl, Alison Lewis, Alex West and Kendra Davies. She has done everything from writing and publish books to mountaineering and backcountry guiding across the Continental Divide. When she isn’t writing and skiing with family or friends, she spends time playing her guitar or training horses with her husband, Matt.

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