Stop Thinking You’re Anything but Unstoppable: It’s Sexy to Breakthrough

Some of the words you imagine when you think of a female corporate executive’s expectations while navigating a man’s world are push, perform, polite, power, perfect, pretty, and poised.  Rhonda Swan, the Unstoppable Momma of the Unstoppable Family and CEO of the Unstoppable PR Agency, echoed some of the same sentiments.  An early career superstar on the US National softball team by age 12, proceeding to the Olympics, holding a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing, and dominating motherhood, Rhonda once envisioned a very particular archetype.  She climbed up the corporate ladder – one that was quickly shattered by her revelation that values are sexy—family values in particular.

In 2004 when she had almost reached a peak in her corporate pharmaceuticals career, Mrs. Swan was jolted in her tracks to realize that being a present, “at-home” mom to her daughter, was non-negotiable.  Daycare was not an option.  Juxtaposed against the global conception of home offices dependent on internet sales, a simple search for “work-at-home mom” sent this boss babe into a creative whirlwind.  Affiliate marketing was the first touchpoint between her background in design and branding in the age of digital sales.  Still, Rhonda always had a superior edge, stating, “Even in pharmaceutical sales, my personality was my brand, and I started telling stories.”  A glance at the landing page on her website will show you just how powerful of a storyteller she is, giving you just a taste of the richness of her talent in the branding space.

Within a year of her initial breakthrough, the income she generated strictly from these online leads enabled her to retire her husband, Luke.  A pathway opened when she leveraged the internet with determination and personality.  Luxury cars in the driveway, 5 figure months, and a total paradigm shift already underway, her life received a jolt, yet again.  The universe questioned her values after she lost everything in a fraudulent real-estate investment.

In a gut-wrenching moment of vulnerability, she shared with me,

“We disconnected ourselves from our associates.  We asked ourselves, ‘Where are you now when you don’t have it when your back is against the wall, and all you have is who you are and your love for this person?’  How can I tap back into my connection with Mother Nature and myself?”

In the wake of a financial letdown, the vision she held for her daughter Hanalei provided hope and inspiration for this Unstoppable Momma.  Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Rhonda is no stranger to being a survivor.  Describing a “turbulent childhood,” she learned coping mechanisms rooted in traditionally masculine attributes like hustle, strength, and grit.  These skills served her; she assured me until they didn’t.  She wanted Hanalei to learn the power of the natural feminine – reminding me that as women, “we have compassion, we breathe life,” and it is essential to “embody who you are and what you got.”

This energetic shift resulted in a home base in Bali, with less stuff and more experiences.  Her promo video captures her riding a bike at rush hour, and her daughter’s very own media kit is showcasing her knowledge of exotic fashion and a progressive eye toward sustainability.  The now 13-year-old fashion CEO follows in her mama’s footsteps of self-determined freedom, family, and fun – attracting investors at levels up to 30 million dollars for her designs.

How does one reconcile the concept of a “sexy” business in the context of simultaneously raising a pre-teen?  Rhonda alludes that we’re sometimes misappropriating a word, which at its core is related to vibration rather than sensuality.

Here’s how she describes it:
“Feminine leadership is becoming the new “in” way of running a business.  The new form of currency is feminine.  Sexy is confidence in my space and a company that’s sexy moves like a well-oiled machine.  I no longer want girls and women to have to peel the onion.  They deserve to embody themselves truly – and business should be uncomplicated.”

Up next for this Queen is the release of her new book, Design to Lead: The DNA of the Feminine Leader.  Several high-profile publications, including Forbes Magazine, featured Rhonda and her agency.  Heading into 2021, this anthology featuring multiple female contributors will be a can’t miss for “mompreneurs” who are looking to settle into a more organic approach to being seen, heard, taken seriously, and providing ultimate brand value.  In the last 12 months alone, Unstoppable Agency has launched 172 brands and products, and they are currently working with clients looking to reposition or “sexify” their brand.  She is also a backbone supporting Hannalei in her fashion company and providing entrepreneurial support for Bali’s local women.

Her last piece of advice for making our inner little girls proud resonates strongly with me.  Don’t sacrifice your quirkiness, ladies!  In her words, it’s all about “Making others smile and making others’ lives happier.  I was just such a goofy comedian; then, I got serious in business.  Then I just started to realize if you can just be yourself, it makes someone smile, and it gives off that energy, and that refills someone else’s cup.  A lady warrior queen is confident, compassionate, walks the line, has no compromise to what she wants and desires.”

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Rhonda Swan

CEO of the Unstoppable PR Agency

Rhonda Swan CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, Is a brand and marketing strategist. She helps CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and marketing for fortune 100 companies & multimillion-dollar brands and startups, Rhonda knows what truly drives conversions, sold-out launches, and how to get her clients featured in Top Tier Publications.

Rhonda has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, being featured in FORBES, Entrepreneur, INC. Success, Business Insider, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, Thrive Global, Medium & Buzz-Feed. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Rhonda is a trained business coach and holds an MBA in Business & Marketing.

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