3 Steps To Get Over Any Relationship ― Personal, Business, Friend, or Foe

What if I told you that any conflict you had in your life, from the moment you were born to this day, is still greatly affecting your life and is stopping you from living your true potential?

Every single conflict, even if solved or forgotten, is stored in your subconscious with an emotional charge that is continuously draining your energy without your knowing.

Understanding NEC

Every conflict has a negative emotional charge (“NEC”) attached to it, and if not released on the subconscious level, it keeps us playing small. The collection of these NECs, together with their reaffirming counterparts, is the reason we are not receiving the love, admiration, appreciation, and respect we crave and deserve.

  • It is the reason entrepreneurs charge less than they deserve.
  • It is the reason we over give or feel that we must do so much, just to feel loved and appreciated by others.
  • It is the reason we continuously attract conflict into our lives because that is what is familiar, and that vibration lives within us.

Have you ever experienced a burst of power within you? Those moments when you felt invincible, like you could do anything and succeed?

[blur]THAT is your true potential. And you have the right to feel this every single day.

Here are 3 simple steps to overcome any relationship, whether personal, business, friend, foe, or stranger.

Once you master these 3 steps, you will be able to process the emotions quickly. How? It’s easy once you learn them; because once you release, you will no longer need to feed the hurt inner child inside of you.

Our brains don’t like to be wrong. If we learned rejection as a child, that we are less than, for whatever reason, that program plays over and over in our subconscious minds. Why? Because our subconscious exists to protect us.

The problem is, what we focus on grows. Even subconsciously. This becomes the energy we put out, and therefor the energy we get back in return. We keep trying to right the wrong. Fix what hurt. But one minor trigger, and we lose control emotionally. This is what hurts. The validation from someone else – intended or unintended – that we are not good enough. That validation sends us reeling in pain, hurt, betrayal, and anger. And our brain says, “I told you so.”

By mastering these 3 steps…

… you will understand how to get out of the low vibration fast to attract things that you want and deserve.

  1. Choose to release and let go: This is a profound method that works on a physical and energetic level. I want you to write a forgiveness letter to the person or person(s) with whom you had a conflict. We are not justifying what they did, we are simply releasing ourselves from the prison of the pain caused by the incident(s) and/or the relationship. By acknowledging that this happened for you instead of to you, it is a gift from which you can learn, grow and forgive. The letter has three parts:
    • Forgiving them for the role they played. Forgive everything they did, and didn’t do, to you. Begin writing “I forgive you for…”. Write down everything. Don’t leave anything out. You should have at least 2-pages filled with feelings, events, neglect, anger, sadness etc. Write longhand with pen on a paper instead of typing because this triggers the energy clearing.
    • Ask them to forgive you for the role that you played. Even if you feel there is nothing for which you need to be forgiven. If you do the first part diligently, I assure that you will find things for which you can be forgiven. Start writing “Please forgive me for…”
    • Take the letter outside to burn it and watch until is completely gone. You can add a phrase like, “I forgive you and I let go of the pain. I release both of us from this prison.”

Now that the letter is complete, you likely have a different view of what happened and will go through some purging.

  1. Take your power back and feel good: This step is imperative, and we tend to skip it with our busy lives. Remember, when you release something, you have to fill the void with something positive, otherwise you might fill it up with a similar experience because that is what is comfortable. Feeling good must be a combination of internal and external:
    • External. Make a list of 20 things that bring you joy (dancing, good food, beach, nature, friends, family, etc.) and make a point to enjoy 3 of those things every week.
    • Internal. Find a meditation that makes you feel good and listen to it daily. Here is a library to choose from patreon.com/veronicahealer. Or simply close your eyes, take a few deep relaxing breaths straight into your belly, and exhale through your mouth. Once you feel relaxed, go back to a time in your past when you felt happy and joyful. Take that feeling and amplify it by 10 so that you feel it in every cell of your body. When you have reached your climax, simply count to 10 and come back to the present moment. This can take only a few seconds when practiced daily.
  1. Release the attractor magnet from the subconscious mind: This is the step most people skip, then wonder why they keep attracting similar experiences or repeating the same patterns. Releasing the attractor magnet means finding out where the root cause of that emotion lives and releasing it. For example, if you felt betrayed, go back to the first time you felt betrayed. It was most likely before age 7. Acknowledge and release that emotion. Once that is released from the root cause on the subconscious level, your negative attractor magnet disappears. This can be easily done witha time line therapy practitioner or reach out to me for a done for you program.

Most people try to clear things through regular therapy and other modalities on the conscious level, which only taps into 5-10% of your mind. The problem, and feelings associated with it, are still imprinted in your subconscious mind – there to protect you. Conscious level thinking barely scratches the surface of what you need to heal.

I always say, we can do things the easy way, or the hard and long way, it all depends how much precious time and beautiful experiences we are willing to lose in the process.

I invite you to master these 3 steps, my friend, and you will never fear betrayal or failure again. Everything in life is either a win or a lesson, and if we learn from our lessons and release the emotional charge on the subconscious level quickly, there is nothing stopping us from living powerfully and building the dream life we deserve.

Veronica Parks is a soul healer and wellness coach with VP Exclusive offering programs and meditations to release the inner pain, blocks, and negative emotional charges holding us back from reaching our full potential. Learn more at vpexclusive.com[/blur]

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Veronica Parks

Wellness Coach

Veronica Parks was born and raised in Moldova. She attended Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania where she studied Economics. Veronica arrived in the U.S. in September 2006 and began modeling for some of the most elite organizations in the country. In 2008 she made her acting debut in a feature film called “Ninja’s V.S. Zombies”. 

As her interest for the film industry grew, Veronica decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her new passion and career. When she first arrived to Los Angeles, she began taking acting, theater, and Improv classes to fine tone her craft as an actress. Ever since, she has completed several short films, features and has produced several TV series. Her ability to speak 5 different languages makes her an ideal professional to work with when dealing with international production. Veronica is a talented, hardworking and determined actress/producer that will enhance the quality of any project that she works on.

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