How Do You Want to Show Up in the World?

We are human and unique individuals. Each one of us sees the world differently. I’ve been studying personalities since I was eight years old subconsciously. We moved and traveled the world, and I learned to adapt.

I noticed in my corporate career that I was a bit of an anomaly. People didn’t like change. They had not traveled, and some didn’t even want to travel. I purposely began to study people and became an expert at persona creation within the company.

I began to focus the 12 Archetypes through a colleague, and I read the book “The Outlaw and the Hero,” and I became obsessed with the concept and started using them in brand development. There were patterns that we began to notice, and company culture influenced the persona.

The 12 archetypes are personalities. Universal symbols define archetypes, and images derived from the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung proposed. It’s the way our brain takes in information and drives human behavior. You may feel a connection to some people more than others. You may find that your brand personality is warm, sweet, and kind, or maybe supportive, nurturing, and caring. Similar but different, one must do more with independence and the other more with a relationship.

The way the framework works is that on one extreme, we have a stable axis versus dynamic. On the other axis, we have Belonging versus independent people to task. The system manages four major human drivers. Understanding this part of the framework will help you define the archetypes that drive the personality space.

The four axes are Belonging, Independent, Stable, and Dynamic. The Belonging axis exists to bring people together! It’s about caring, relationships, and human connections. The Independent axis exists to chart new territory, ask more challenging questions! It’s about simplicity, achievement, and independence. The Stable axis exists to bring stability and assurance to the world! It’s about control, rigor, and analysis. And the Dynamic axis exists to bring revolution and fun to the world! It’s about transformation, conviction, and joy.

That’s a lot of jibber-jabber, so let’s get to the fun part. I’ve created a personality match for celebrities. Humans are not one dimensional; we all have two primary archetypes. The celebrities I have chosen are one dimensional to simplify the concept. You may find other archetypes that fit the celebrity personality, but we focus on their primary archetype for understanding people’s motivations.

Here are the 12 Archetypes and their celebrity match:

Belonging: Indulgent, Empathetic, Inclusive

  1. Marilyn Monroe (Lover). The Lover is the idealist, romantic, harmonizer, partner, or connector. The Lover thinks of themselves as being wonderfully appreciative of others. The Lover wants to look good. They have an underlying desire to attract, give love, and express affection in indulgent ways. They are more emotional; they attract by beauty, elegance, and quality.
  1. Emma Thompson (Caregiver). The Caregiver is the nurse, mother, father, teachers, neighborhood doctor, or fairy godmother. The Caregiver can provide food, comfort, and nurturance. Throughout history, the Caregiver associates with maternal and paternal protectiveness toward children and willing to do what’s necessary to care for them.
  1. Jennifer Aniston (Girl Next Door). The Good Guy archetype is the regular Jane, the common woman, the girl next door, or the good neighbor. The Girl Next Door desires not to be unique or different. The Girl Next Door wants to be part of the tribe, whether it’s a social class, workplace culture, a club, or a union. They want to connect with others that connect with purpose.

Independent (the opposite of Belonging): Freedom, Optimistic, Courage.

  1. Kate Winslet (Explorer). The Explorer is the seeker, the adventurer, the wanderer, or the nomad. They are true to who they are. They lead pioneering projects, making their path, and able to express their individuality.
  1. Jennifer Gardner (Innocent). The Innocent is the utopian, traditionalist, naive, romantic, dreamer, mystic, or saint. They offer peace, ease, naturalness, things that last. They are optimistic and hopeful; they have faith in authority; they like a simple answer to a relevant problem.
  1. Serena Williams (Heroine). The Heroine is known as the warrior, rescuer, superhero, soldier, or athlete. The Heroine is the crusader in a cause. The Heroine wants to make the world a better place. The Heroine takes pride in themselves; they are disciplined, focused, and can make tough choices. Their instinct is to protect those who they see as innocent or fragile.

Dynamic: Transformative, Bold, Witty

  1. Oprah Winfrey (Magician). The Magician is known for being a visionary, a catalyst, an innovator, a shaman, or a healer. As a scientist, the Magician probe the fundamental secrets of the universe, psychologists studying the workings of human behavior, and gurus offering to share their spiritual success secrets. They desire personal transformation, to change people, organizations, or society.
  1. Angelina Jolie (Outlaw). The Outlaw is a revolutionary, a rebel, a misfit, a wild woman or man, or a villain. They can reinforce the real revolution to champion a whole new way of thinking. They like to break convention and value being pioneers and activists.
  1. Rebel Wilson (Jester). The Jester is the trickster, joker, clown, prankster, or comedian. The Jester calls us to come out and play with one another. The Jester is the life of the party; the Jester’s native habitat is the playground, the neighborhood bar, the recreation room, and anywhere where they can have fun

Stable (the opposite of Dynamic): Unflappable, Masterful, Knowledgeable.

  1. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (Ruler). The Ruler is the queen, the king, the CEO, the President of a country, anyone with a commanding. They want to be in control; they see themselves as extremely important, juggle many vital things. They love high-status meetings with people in power.
  1. Natalie Portman (Creator). The Creator is also known as the artist, the innovator, the inventor, the musician, the writer, the dreamer. The Creator wants to form something that has never been there before, to create a work of art that is so special, and it endures to achieve a sort of immortality. They like structure; it gives them a sense of control and pleasure.
  1. Helen Mirren (Sage). The Sage is the scholar, teacher, researcher. We can see the Sage in mystery novels or films finding the truth or the meaning behind a case. It’s essential for them to have their own opinion. They like to provide their expertise, be innovative, breakthrough, and analytical.

My path has led me to change directions and not be stuck in the past. Soul purpose is achievable when you know exactly where you need to go.

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These are the 12 archetypes through the feminine leader’s lenses—three things to always keep in mind when striving for feminine purpose.

Be you ALWAYS!



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